May 2, 2005

Another one done

Issue 6 is going to the printer tomorrow

And Here's what's in it:
Letter From The Editor

Jennifer Jordan
On The Road
featuring Michael Martinez, photos, and awards
Interview with Harlan Coben
Tony Perona
Ruth Jordan
It Takes A Village; The Team behind John Connelly
Jon Jordan
Why I Love New York
Rhys Bowen
Rawhead In The Cathedral
Fiction by David Bowker
more photos
Rants and Raves
Robert Randisi
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy
Jim Pascoe
Weather in Your Novel
<>Arlis Whittier
Even More photos
Cover Stories with Julia Spencer-Fleming and Bill Fitzhugh
Denise Hamilton, Ross Hugo-Vidal, Jeremy Lynch
Murder,Plain and Simple
Bill Fitzhugh
El Detective Latino - Vida en el borde (english version to appear on the website)
Steven Torres
Dead Money
Fiction by David White
The Day Job
Zoe Sharp
Charlie Stella
Killing For England
A chapter Excerpt from Iain McDowel
Collecting Paperbacks
Bill Crider
rimespree at the movies

Jeremy Lynch and Sean Doolittle ( the greatest eam since Martin and Lewis) <>
Rape! Murder! Opera!

David Corbett
Hate The Character, Love the Book
Dave Zeltserman
Courts ,Knights and Treachery
Ayo Onatade
The “CSI” Effect
Jennifer Jordan
Reviews, reviews, and more reviews
Requiem For Jack
Reed Farrel Coleman
iss Terious

The Brothers Lemmer. Joe and Sam


Tania said...

Looks like another fantastic issue! I'm glad I recently renewed my subscription. :)

Mary said...

I've been waiting to read Dave White's story for a while now. Can't wait until it arrives.

Aldo said...


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

It's a good story.
And I'm really glad it will be seeing print really soon.

Now he can stop calling me every morning at 6:00......

Anonymous said...

Looks like a killer issue...can't wait!!!
Jason Starr

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...


There's a great picture of you and Vicky Hendricks.

Dave White said...

It was 6 whenever I called Jon? Sorry, it's that whole time zone thing... I can never figure it out.