Sep 24, 2005

Graphic Novels Again

Well, I think at this point we could safely say that Road To Perdition did well. The movie was pretty damn good in my book. And the fact that I loved the original graphic novel didn't hurt. Max Allan Collins has since written two novels to finish off the story, last years ROAD TO PURGATORY and thes December's ROAD TO PARADISE. This work shows off Collins' strength of writing books set in the past. His details are meticulous and his research shows. Add the fact that he writes a hell of a story and you can't go wrong with any of his work. ROAD TO PARADISE is some of his best work. Look for it in DEC.

Another movie based on a graphic novel just opened last night. THE HISTORY OF VIOLENCE was put out by the same imprint of DC that did ROAD TO PERDITION. A terrific story and a great cast.

Just out now is the collected IDENTITY CRISIS from DC written by Brad Melzter. Even non comics fans should enjoy this murdermystery full of loss and tradgedy. The consequences of this story are reaching into a lot of the other DC titles. The story stands by itself just fine though, and I would recomend picking it up.

ONI press is doing a wonderful job with Greg Rucka's QUEEN AND COUNTRY espionage series. I've read a bunch of it and really enjoy it. The characters are all to real feeling and while they are doing the right thing, it doesn't always feel right when they do it. I also highly recommend these books, which are all availablein trade paperbacks.

DC Comics has published stories featuring The Legion Of Superheroes for a long time, dating back to ADVENTURE COMICS # 247 in 1958. Over the years a lot of different writers have added their own take to the mythology of this group of teen superheroes in the future. Some of the story arcs have been amazing and others have been lack luster. One of my favorites was THE DARKNESS SAGA in the late eighties.

The series has been revamped again, this time by Mark Waid, a terrific comics writer and a real scholar of the history behind the characters. This time around the series has a little different feel and promises to be amazing. The young heroes are banded together to bring peace and understanding throughout the United Planets, but the government wishes they would just go away. A basic theme of youth feling out of place prevails and it rocks.

Coming this January is Denise Mina's take on John Constantine HELLBLAZER. She's a self admitted fan of the series and given the talent shown inher novels this should be great. And I mean really great. Ruth will have aninterview with Denise in Crimespree #9.

Charlie Huston is currently writing a run of MOON KNIGHT for Marvel. While trying to get reading copies from Marvel Comics is like trying to get the President to step down form office, I will report more as they actually come out.

DC Comics is also releasing a wonderful series in tradepaperback format.
SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE is one of the most noir and pulpish feeling comics I've ever read. DC is putting out the trades of collected story arcs and I couldn't be happier.
So far there are three available,
  • . Writeen by Matt Wagner and set in the time of jazz clubs and gansters this is a wildly entertaining series that features a hero who doesn't have powers, just intellect. Terrific stuff, gritty, moody and sometimes creepy.

    There's some great stuff out there, and these are not the comics I read as a kid!


    John Rickards said...

    Denise Mina's doing Hellblazer? I had no idea. Is that a long-term gig with Mike Carey's run coming to an end, or is it a special one-off?

    It won't be out in GN format for a while, but you might well enjoy 'Fell', which has just started its series run. Very cool.

    Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

    All I know for sure right now is she is doing one full story arc on the series. My guess would be if it does well, they'd ask her back for more.

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