Jan 25, 2006

The Crime Dawgs Are Barkin' You Better Let 'em In

Anthony Neil Smith and Sean Doolittle are running ahead of the pack, this is not news. However this weeknd they are running rampage through the midwest including stops at Once Upon A Crime (Minn., MN), JAN. 26, 7:00 PM -Booked For Murder(Madison Wi), JAN. 27, 7:00 PM -Mystery One Books(Milwaukee, WI), JAN. 28, 11:00 AM.

Mr. Smith is widely respected for his work with Plots With Guns, a wonderful site, though now defunct, full of fiction and mayhem. The McMillan Press put out an anthology of the best work from the site last fall.His new book is called PSYCHOSOMATIC and is truly unique. Ask him just right and he'll probably even sign your copy for you. By the way, in issue 5 of CRIMESPREE Neil wrote a great piece on James Ellroy for us. Check it out.

Sean Doolittle came to my attention about the same time I became aware of a publisher named Ugly Town. I read DIRT and I knew the something special was in my hands. Something that was a spark, a beginning.Sean followed this up with one of my all time favorite books, BURN. Now his third book is out and RAIN DOGS is yet another amazing piece of work.

These are writers who are not writing for the common denominator, they are writing something a little more honest, maybe too honest. And while it may leave you wanting a showwer, it will definitly leave you wanting more.

These alpha crime dawgs are part of a new wave of crime fiction that is really starting to make itself heard. Step up and take a turn howling at the moon with these guys.

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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted a showwer, but never knew where to get one.