Feb 7, 2006

Love Is Murder

Love is Murder took place this past weekend and I have to say it was one of the best events we've done in a while. We had a great time. Wonderful group of people, good panels, nice dealerroom, nice hotel for the conference and even good banquet food.

This years author guests included Kent Krueger, David Morrell, Judith Guest, Libby Fischer Hellman, and Barry Eisler. Many others in attenance. Morrell gave a great talk Friday night about the history of publishing and what has changed and why authors need to be more involved in thier marketing. Ruth moderated a panel on Sex and Jo Konrath hosted STUMP THE STARS which was a laugh riot.
We'll definitly be going again.

Thriller panel moderated by Sean Chercover who's first book will be out next January from William Morrow, Barry Eisler, Kevin Guifoile, Julie Hyzy, David Morrell, Michael Black and Robert W Walker

Stump The Stars with Libby Hellman, Judith Guest and Kent Krueger

Short Story panelists Libby Hellman, Michael Majors and
Joe Konrath

Joe Konrath was stumped when asked about the lack of cats in his books.

David Morrell, one of the coolest authors I've met.

William Kent Krueger wondering what's for lunch

Judith Guest and Kent Krueger on the sex panel listening to
Barry Eisler explain his research techniques.

David Ellis and Barry Eisler. Barry has taught me to
embrace my inner 12 year old. And he leads by example....

The wonderful Sue Peterson of Brain Snacks bookstore..

Awards were given to:
David Morrell for best thriller, Michael Black fo rbest suspense, Robert Goldsborough for best historical, DC Brod for best paranormal, Libby Hellman for best traditional, Joe Konrath, best procedural, Best series went to Barry Eisler.


R.J. Baker said...

It was very nice to meet you, even if it was at the bar.

I agree, great event. I'll be back next year.

JA Konrath said...

My god! I'm fat!

Mary said...

Fantastic pictures!!

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

You're not fat. You were sitting funny. And the light is weird.
You're not fat.

libby said...

Okay. What's my excuse?

Bleak House Ben said...

I hate it when you argue! All of you. I'm running away as soon as you go out bowling. This time I mean it!

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...


Trust me on this...
You are a hot momma

And Ben? Get off the computer and finish your homework.

Karen Syed said...

For my first LIM conference I must say it is among my best memories of a conference. Getting to meet David Morrell still has my heart racing. The tings he said were sinpiring for me as a publisher and I have been working feverishly since I left the Friday night dinner. I so enjoyed sitting on the panels with Ben and Allison (I am sure I spelled that wrong). But anyway. I am so tickled to have met everyone, and really enjoyed talking to you Jon.

Jeremy Lynch said...

Maybe you are just big boned.