Apr 7, 2009

Crimespree turns Five

As writers' tour and "Play Ball" gets shouted out across the nation, as writers and fans everywhere fold Mystery into their lives.... Crimespree turns Five

First a thank you to all who joined the event on facebook. Beginning the 15th we're moving the Crimespree Anniversary to the blog. We have several features completed and are working on more. Five years. Really?

Do you have a favorite Crimespree Moment? Share here.

First Up: The Interview

Ruth and Jon interview each other..... Wed, April 15th.
We'll have a complete roster up later this week. The line up is looking good.


Steven T. said...

Seeing my story "Stoop the Thief" in print. Thanks, Jen4

Ayo Onatade said...

Winning the first Crimespree Magazine Contributor of the Year Award! Thanks guys!