Jan 22, 2011


February 1st,  the latest from F Paul Wilson hits the shelves. It's a Young Jack book, the adventures of Repairman Jack as a youth. If you like the regular series you'll love this. Your kids will love it. Hell, your pets will love you reading it out loud.

In SECRET VENGEANCE someone close to Jack has is attacked by someone that everyone loves. Jack isn't going to stand for this and sets out to make thing right.

I love these books (and everything else F Paul Wilson puts his name on), elements of great crime fiction, action and adventure. Paul is also truly one of the coolest authors we have met. He's funny, laid back and generous with his time. Authors like F Paul Wilson make being a fan a special thing. 

So suport a great guy and a great book and go pick this up!

Paul will also be at Love Is Murder in Chicago the first weekend in February.

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