Feb 5, 2005

Stepping Out

Ruth and I got tickets to see Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson live in May. I'm psyched. I saw Todd way back in 1979 and I saw Joe back on 1989. L love both and think they are wonderful performers. But seeing thme on a double bill?!?!! Too Much!

Here's the cover to a great live show on DVD

The first show Ruth and I were at together but actually before we met was Metallica. Kid Rock opened up. Two nights later we had our first phone call and discovered we were both at the show at the same time. I knew I was on the right track! Our first show as a couple was AC/DC. Front row courtesy of our pal Richard Katz of Mystery One Bookstore We had a great time. Right after we were married we saw Alice Cooper. The man stillrocks the house. Amazing show.
The weirdest week we had was seeing Rob Zombie on a Wed and Harry Connick Jr on that Friday.

We've seen a lot of great acts since then and hope to see many more.

I love live music.


John Schramm said...

The first time I met Debbie, my college girlfriend, we discovered we were both going to the DAY ON THE GREEN in Oakland, though obviously not together.

The Scorpions were the headliner. Also Ratt. Other bands, I don't remember. Dokken and Poision, I think.

When she left, we said, laughing, "See you at the show."

I actually found her in the crowd of 50,000 plus. I was walking through the crowd, and turned around. And there she was.

We went out for a year.

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