Feb 10, 2005

tired of the same ol books?

Rob Roberge has a new book out from Harper Collins' imprint Dark Alley called MORE THAN THEY COULD CHEW.
Rob seems like a pretty cool guy from waht I could tell from his website,Rob’s Website tells who he is and waht he does. Including playing in a rock band.

So, Rob's book.
It's set in long beach. The main character is Nick Ray, a guy with his share of problems, including various addictions he's kind of trying to quit. Through a series of events he comes into possesion of an old coputer with a list of people in Witness relocation from the FBI. Let's just say this is where the fun starts.

I really liked the Russian character, Sergei, a gangster type who is all about commiting crime."It's business". And he dresseslike a drunk pimp from the seventies! very fun.

I don't want to give much away, but I have to tell you it's a whole lot of fun. And some of the weirdest sex seens I've ever read. Including Penthouse letters!

Turst me, a very good book, and only $13.95!


Aldo said...

Hey Jon,

He is on my calendar for the end of February. Book is on order too. I will take pics and I know how about a review????

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Dude, We got a review but would love pics.


Scott P. said...

Jon and Ruth,

What gives? It's been a week and I'm jonesing for a post.