Mar 10, 2005

Ten Things...

Saw this somewhere else and liked the idea.
Ten Things I've done that you probably haven't

1) When in Italy in 1980 I had five Italian soldiers stop me with machineguns drawn. They spoke no English, and my Italian consists of Spagehtti-os. Ended point to a map and getting through to them I was lost. They gave me money for a bus.
Which I used to buy a beer.

2) Any number of drinking stories would fit here, but lets just say that one night while bartending I drank a bottle and half of Jagermeister over the course of 9 hours. With beers of course.

3) I've driven a 1969 stingray convertible at 145 MPH. It seemed like good idea at the time....

4) Told Steve Perry of Journey to fuck off when I saw him in an airport. He wanted to use the video game (space invaders) I was playing.

5) I've been a block away from exploding buildings on two separate occasions. Very cool, but dusty.

6) I ate 6 double whoppers with cheese in one sitting.

7) I sewed two pairs of boxer shorts for myself.

8) I saw Rob Zombie and Harry Conick Jr both in the same week.

9) I tried to jump a motorcycle over a burning pile of garbage.

10) I rewired my own apartment.

There are a lot of drinking stories I could use, but I thought that would be cheating.


John Schramm said...

I can't help but wonder if this isn't what triggered the despondency that Steve Perry dwindled into.

Jon, you bad boy!

John Schramm said...
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John Schramm said...
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Dave White said...

So, what happened after you tried to jump... did you make it?

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

I ended up having a spectacular drive through burning garbage. An am soooo not Evil Kenevil, not even Fonzie.

But the scattering burning rubbish was pretty cool...