Aug 3, 2005

HA hahahahaaaaa

Panic was for naught.

Issue 8 is at the printers awaiting final proof check. The first run through found only one error.

Early reports indicate a nice looking issue. With far less speeling erros than can be found in my posting!

All that's left now is waiting a bit and then mailing it out.

So...... what to do for Number 9.......


Jim Winter said...

I think you should devote an issue to Cincinnati-based writers who write about Cleveland.

Not that I have any personal stake in that; it's just one of those things I stay up late thinking about.

Like where all the socks in the dryer disappear to.

Ray Banks said...

They get eaten by the Sock Monster at the back of the drum. With chopsticks, drizzled in fabric softener.

And I think you should do a Brit issue, Mr J. Again, like Jim, no personal stake in it... Ahem. Or an issue about blokes called Ray.

Anonymous said...

...Or an issue devoted to Iowans who write about Ohioans who live in Ickles.

Anonymous said...

Great news Jon. Can't wait to see it.