Aug 27, 2005

Sweet Home Chicago

It's almost Bouchercon time. How do I know? I have stuff piled up all over ready to load into the truck. This is the first time we'll be driving to the convention so we are taking advantage of this.

We loaded up on Vitamin Water, five different flavors, and rockstar energy drink.
A huge footlocker for door prizes for our party, magazines to have on sale in the book room. I could go on and on, but let's just say the bell boy will be getting a nice tip....

SO, Crimespree Magazine's Second Annual Gala Party!
Last year we wanted to buy drinks for a few people and invited twenty or so folks ofver to The Lone Star bar across the street from the hotel. We had more than twenty show up!
This year we have a great place picked out and have set up for a cash bar, free food and doorprizes to be given out. We'll also be giving out the Crimespree awards at this party.
If you are interested shoot me an email for details.

Next week not too much going on here on the blog, but the week after start looking for pictures and tales from the road!


Tania said...

So yours was the party I heard last year! I was sick as a dog, lying in the hotel room which had a window overlooking the Lone Star. Green with envy, green with sickness...who could tell the difference? ;)

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Looks like this years in Chicago may be heard in Toronto as well!


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