Nov 16, 2005

The Kingdom - DVD contest

Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom: Series One
  • Kochlerfilms

  • Acclaimed director Lars von Trier (Dogville) delves into the world of the supernatural with The Kingdom. A hospital known as The Kingdom is the setting for a number of uncanny occurrences and hides many strange occurrences including a ghostly ambulance that appears and disappears, the voice of a little girl calling to a patient in an elevator shaft and a fetus growing at an alarming rate.

    Check out some clips here:
  • Girl Ghost Clip

  • Recording Clip

  • Check out the details here:
  • Kochlerfilms

  • To win a copy send an email to: with the subject heading KINGDOM
    include your name and address, 2 winners will be randomly picked DEC 10


    anne frasier said...

    jon, what a great contest!!!!
    i LOVE the kingdom, and rave about it every chance i get. hope you don't mind that i posted a link on my site.

    Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...


    The Kochlerfilms poeple distribute a whole lot of cool DVD stes and some pretty cool movies. When they contacted us to do this I jumped at the chance.

    Tribe said...

    This is so of the few von Trier's I've not seen. I didn't know you guys were von Trier fans.