Nov 5, 2005

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9...

No this is not about The Beatles Revolution #9, it's about CRIMESPREE issue #9 shipping. It was all boxed up and sent off to the Mailing service on Friday, so it should start showing up in about 10 days, unless you are in Canada, then for some reason you seem to get it much quicker....

Here's the Table of contents:

From The Editor
On The Road By Ruth Jordan
Sneak Peek: A Virgin Author's Tour Report, Randall Hicks
Dennis Lynds Remembered By Robert J Randisi
Bouchercon 2005
Footprints - Lawrence Treat-By Ted Hertel Jr
The Gay Detective Novel By Lori Lake
Fiction- Mom, How'd You End Up In Jail? By A.A. Kelly
Fatwa, My Love By Nathan Singer
The Challenge by Don Bruns
Rants and Raves by Robert J Randisi
Cover Story-Max Allan Collins
Interview by Sean Chercover
Cover Story-Manuel Ramos
Interview by Steven Torres
Fiction-Bad Haircut Day By Manuel Ramos
Brian Azzarello Interview By Manuel Ramos
Giving Back By Cathryn J Lyons
Get Ransomed By Robert W Walker
Denise Mina Interview By Ruth Jordan
More pictures
IDW Publishing By Jon Jordan
Ridley Pearson Interview By Shirley Kennett
My Irish Godfather By Reed Farrel Coleman
IAMTW Is Born By Lee Goldberg
Fiction-Brooks Poetry Society-By James P Hanley
Martial Arts By Barry Eisler
Lunch With Lehane By Ruth Jordan
Eye On Hollywood By Jeremy Lynch
Reed's Tunes
Hail Margery! By Ruth Jordan
More Pictures
Charlie Huston Interview By Anthony Rainone
Ms. Terious

It's a pretty damn good issue and the interviews are especially good.
Next issue, #10, will feature Alafair Burke and Jan Burke.

And don't forget to send us award nomintations!


Graham said...

Doesn't Max Allan Collins realize he looks like a total dork with that haircut?

Steven said...

Actually, I think he looks a bit like Elton John. I hope that's not an insult. What's up with the Burkes for issue ten? I mean what's the connection?

#9 looks like another great issue. And not just because I'm kinda in it.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The Burkes, Alafair and Jan, together is just a coincidence. No relation, no real reason other than the fact that they are both great authors.

and Alafair got a puppy..... so look for pictures.

anne frasier said...

max has had that look forever. it's kind of his signature, and i think it's great. as styles change around him, he remains the same -- but our perception of his look changes. right now i would call it peter sellers meets urban hipster. :D

Graham said...

I actually saw him at BCon in 2002, and he looked the same. When he went over his publishing history I was a bit surprised to realize he must be over 50.

So he's a pretty well-preserved dork.

anne frasier said...

20 years ago, when he taught at the mississippi valley writers conference, he looked exactly the same. :D (i think he still teaches there.)

Max Allan Collins said...

Graham, having looked at your photo, I have to say: let he who is without the bad haircut cast the first dork.