Feb 22, 2008

Crimespree Magazine issue 23 - Shipping Monday

In this next issue:
From The Editor by Ruth Jordan
Newsbits – happenings around the mystery world
Lori Avocado in Alaska
Small Publisher Spotlight: Busted Flush
Fiction: THE BEWITCHED by by James Patrick Hunt

Cover story: Crimedogs
Anthony Neil Smith, Victor Gicshler and Sean Doolittle

Crimespree on the Road: Love is Murder
Sex Drugs rock and roll...and a comic Thriller by Raymond Benson
The Parisian Jungle; French Crime fiction Jean-Marc Lofficier
Interview with Ben Leroy
Eye On Hollywood Jeremy Lynch.
DVD Reviews
Fiction: THE MEDIUM AND THE MAN by Tony Perona
Michael Stanley Intervied By Pat and Gary from Once Upon a Crime
Reed Farrel Coleman:Back to the Future by Gary Shultze
B. Clayton Moore interviewed by Jon Jordan
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer Fleming for Hire
Patry Francis Interviewed
Midwest Literary Festival by Ron Edison
Julie Hyzy interviewed by James Dasner
Jewish Boys do Ride Motorcycles by Ken Issacson
Crime and Idiocy #3
Authors and DVDs
The Buzz Box
Book Reviews
Comics Spotlight
Cooking With Crimespree, the Sean Chercover edition

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