Feb 24, 2008

Movie Night at Crimespree

Ruth and I haven't had a movie weekend in quite a while. We've been a bit too busy. With a little windlow this weekend we sat down and powerhoused movies this weekend. Tomorrow we pack up crimespree 23 to go out to the masses.

Here's what we thought:

Eastern Promises
hmmmm. I loved the acting. I like the dierecting. I thought the story left a ittle un resolved. Viggo Mortenson is wonderful. He really dug into this role and I think this just adds another bit of depth to his body of work. David Cronenberg did a great job directing, though I could have lived with out seeing the finger cut off. I guess it's a hold over form his earlier movies to show and not imply. Naomi Watts was also very good. Worht seeing, but I'd rent not buy.

The Brave One
ok, let me get this out of the way. It's Death Wish with Jodie Foster.
With out spoiling anything I think even the ending kind of used Death Wish as a guide.

That said, its an enjoyable film. Terrance Howard is once again brilliant and in this role he needs to underplay and he does it very convincingly. Foster is of course wonderful. But again. like Eastern Promises the story was lacking a bit. Nothing new being said here, just different people telling the story. My mind wandered a bit but it was worth seeing.
Again, rent, don't buy.

Hunting Party
Richard Gere and Terrance Howard aretwo reporters of three in this movie based on an article originally in Esquire. Reporters in Bosnia try to find a war criminal. Adventure ensues.
However this is really making some great political statements and also haas some wonderful acting. I think it must be true because the movie seemed to be buried before it got out. This is a must see. I want to see it again and will most likely buy it.

Rescue Dawn

A based on true story movie about a Viet Nam prisoner of war.
Christian Bale is great, but the movie is damn long. I loved the ending, and Viet Nam is actually beautiful on film, but the movie really drags. If they had cut an hour out of the middle it would have been great. Wait for cable.

American Gangster
Ok, this one we're buying. Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington together for the first time since Virtuosity and both dynamite. Crowe is a cop studyinh law and on the outs with the department basically for being honest. Denael is a life long hood who moves in to a leadership position and becomes one of the most successful drug dealers ever.
Based on true events and done with input from both major players. Powerful acting in a really engaging and engrossing story.
But this

Michael Clayton

George Clooney is sooooooo good in this. Of course I like him in everything. Howver here he shows more depth than the Ocean's movies and he really does a great job.
Coropate lwyer trouble shooter/fixer Clayton finds himself inthe middle fo a real stink bomb and is scrambling to stay ahead of the storm coming at him. A real nasty look at corporate America and ultimatly a very satisfying ending.
Buy this one too.

Gone Baby Gone

I think Ben Afflack should be given the rest of the Partick and Angie books and should be given a bunch of money.
The love of Lehane's book shows in every frame of this movie. Also is the love of Bston and it's people. They stayed pretty faithful to the book and the ending was in no way typical hollywood.
Perfoamnces by Casey Affleck and Ed Harris really stood out. Michell Monaghan was good but not quite tough enough for the way I see Angie, but she did a really nice job. Amy Ryan deserves awards, many many awards.
Buy this one as well.

3:10 to Yuma
A hell of a great western with Christian Bale and Russell Crowe both doing great work.This belongs on the shelf with Wild Bunch and Sliverado and Once Upon A Time In The West.
Common civil war vet rancher gets caught up with taking an outlaw to the trrain for a ride to prison. Outlaw gang sets out to stop them. Soundslike a simple enough story but it's anything but.
Worth owning.

All in all a nice movie weekend.

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Ali Karim said...

Wow - that looks a helluva film night -

Firstly I'd rate EASTERN PROMISES a little higher - seen it three times and it gets better and the ending is a lot less diffuse when you watch it again -

GONE BABY GONE - i ReAlLy wAnT To sEE tHIS mOVie, but delayed in the UK due to the tragic dissapearnace of Madeline McCann in Portugal

MICHEAL CLAYTON - Just out on DVD and after Syrianna and your review - I'm buying it Monday

Rescue Yawn, I'll give a miss, and I saw American Gangster at the Cinema and fell asleep! yes, I thought it was a snore, which surprised me, as Love Ridley Widdly, Russell and Denzil, but overlong, confused and there were too many mullet hairstyles

Best / great post