Apr 18, 2005

TROY and other films

Well, I can't say I wasn't warned. Someone actually referred to this movie as "The Brad Pitt Porno Posing Movie".

Well I sat through the whole thing. Truthfully? It's a good saturday afternoon with time to kill kind of movie. Big fight scenes, lots of swords and arrows. Not that bad. But wow, all tha death and destruction because of someguy thinking with his weinie.......

Office Space.
Laura and David were right. I laughed my ass off. They told Ruth and I we would like it and boy did we. Some really funny stuff. I love the scene when they go postal on the fax machine.

Ripper 2
The worst horror movie I have ever seen. Ever.

Ladder 49
A fireman movie with John Travolta. Lots of fires and the perfectly planned tear jerking moments. No surprises, but fun enough to watch.

The Final Cut
Robin Williams in the near future. Implants that record everything you see and hear edited for viewing after you die. Really good movie. Really good.

Finding Neverland
Watched this twice. I'll be buying it. Johnny Depp was incredible. So were the kids in the movie.
Makes me proud to be a kid inside.

All in all not a bad movie weekend.

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Jim Winter said...

My brother works with a guy who looks (and acts) like Milton. He took a Swingline stapler, painted it red, and even etched "Swingline" into the stapler.

They plan to put it on his desk and whip out the digital camera when he least expects it.