Jul 10, 2005

IDW Publishing

IDE Publishingis a publishing house based in California. Among other things, they publish some great comics. One of the titles they do is the CSI line of comics licensed from CBS.Max Allan Collins is writing some of these and they are outstanding.The Show makes me a little crazy sometimes, but Collins, along with his research guy, Matthew V. Clemons, do a terrific job.
The Stories are well thought out and very entertaining. They also seem to flesh out the characters a bit more.

In addition to the CSI comics they also do a number of other really good titles, including two of my favorites which I thought we lost when First Comics shut down. Jon Sable:Freelance is a great series form Mike Grell .

They are also publishing Grim Jack by Matt Ostrander and Tim Truman. A wickedly entertaining series set in a "grim" future.

I would recommend getting some books from these folks. They reall y have some great stuff to offer.

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