Jul 2, 2005

Simon Kernick

Simon Kernick. He was born in 1966 in the outskirt of London. After a number of odd jobs he eventually started writing THE BUSINESS OF DYING. This lead to writing further novels which to date include THE MURDER EXCHANGE, THE CRIME TRADE and his latest A GOOD DAY TO DIE.

Post bouchercon in Las Vegas I had heard Simon's name. I'd seen it on the internet. In Vegas thanks to Ali Karim I got to meet Simon. I got to spend a bit of time with Simon. As it turns out I really like Simon. It might have to do with the closeness in our ages, his sense of humor is similar to mine and he's just a genuinely nice guy, or bloke depending who you talk to. He's enthusiatstic and outgoing. He also seemes to love what he does. So yes,because of these reasons and more I really liked Simon from the first time I met him.

So, here's the intersting part of meeting authors, especially when you know you will met them again. I had not read his work yet. It was my guess that judging by the fact that I liked Simon and we shared similar tastes in reading that I would probably really enjoy his writing.

Well, when we got back to Milwaukee post Vegas I got his first book, THE BUSINES OF DYING. It took about a week for me to get to it. In that time I had the thought that sometimes comes after meeting an author. What if I don't like it? Worse, What if it really sucks? Do I spend the next untold number of conventions avoiding talking about his books when I see him?

As it turns out this was not an issue. I really liked the book. Enough that I got his second book direct from the UK and read it. I've now read all four of his books and enjoyed them all. He actually gets better with each book.

He writes about characters that seem real. His good guys aren't always just good, but live in a bit of a gray area. He write wonderful plots that twist and turn. And he mangaes to keep the suspense building through out the books. They are fresh and wonderful.

From what I understand St. Martins will be releasing them in trade paperback as well, so the back list will be available. Simon is just another reason why I find my self reading more and more UK authors.

If you have not read Simon Kernick's books yet you should.


John Rickards said...

Seconded, on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Thirded, and I agree he's such a nice guy. I ran into him this past weekend at Crime Scene in London. I've only met him a few times at Bcons but he invited me to sit down and join the group of authors he was drinking with (from the Women in Violence panel). It was a lot of fun.

Ray Banks said...

Fourthed. And not only because he blurbed my book (which was a lovely thing to do), but also because he's one of the few writers who, when being interviewed, sounds like a bloke you'd want to have a pint with and not a complete pompous arse.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Not only would I have a pint with Simon, I'd even buy it!

Of course I plan to buy one for Ray too....

Ray Banks said...