Jul 21, 2005

Lethargic in Milwaukee


It's really humid, it's too hot. I'm working in a shop that feels like an oven set on broil.

I come home from work and I'm drenched, sweaty, gross and a bit rank.

Work on the magazine a bit, do some chores (laundry) and head to the shower.

At this point I'm feeling human, though wiped out. So the best remedy must be to...
Read of course.

And right now I'm reading Stuart McBride's COLD GRANITE. Wondrful book. Police Procedural set in a sall Scottish burg. I love the characters and the story rocks. Look for a review in Crimespree #8.

Thanks Stuart. You've made this tropical hell a little easier to endure.....

UPDATE: 3:30 am, finished book. McBride rocks. If you like Rankin, Billingham, Kernick you'll love this. It has a similar flavor, while still being fresh. Outstanding book.

Also, after finishing the book I went down to the family business and finished a job that has been making me crazy. I had a revelation while looking throught the book stack. Now the Job is done and I'm starting TILT A WHIRL. So far so good. I'm also half way through the new Randisi/Matthews book, SAME TIME-SAME MURDER. This is also a very fun book with a murder at Bouchercon.

Jon - 4:18 am, off to read some more.


Sarah said...

I agree about COLD GRANITE. It rocks. More importantly, that book moves FAST for something so long.

Josh said...

Basically what Sarah said...

I was late coming back from lunch a few days because I didn't want to put it down.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Saw your link on Anne Frasier's site. You're in Milwaukee? Me too. And writing over my lunchtime at work.

Haven't read Cold Granite yet, but will. Jer