Jan 11, 2005

Another Year Started, Another Week Gone

Yup, the wife is guesting again....
The first blog was about being American and my second, well it's about being me. So here are the last few days, winter blues and all.
Thursday last, real snow. Beautiful, fluffy and inches of the stuff. Grand. We've not had that here in a while so I spent the day at work looking out the picture window (we were not busy due to aforementioned white stuff) wishing more than anything I didn't have a reponsibility in the world and could go outside and play. Taking time out only to come in for hot chocolate and a change of mittens and socks. So caught up did I get that I phoned the husband, "Let's go tobagganning". Jon Jordan, speechless. An hour later he calls and I kid you not, "Honey, we'll need to varnish the tobaggan, at least two coats before we should use it." Well thought out, love of mine. While we're on the phone I ask him to call my Dad, make sure Mom got off to Virginia alright. Snow, airports, you've all been there. Less than a half hour later he calls back, "Well, I couldn't get in touch with your Dad...." " Your mom called though, I'm picking her up now and she's spending the night".
And she did, Slim's takeout and a video, a kiss in the morning and the visit was done. By a miracle I even had Five Chocolate-Chocolate Cake on hand. She was happy. Jon and I were a little sore. No advanced warning meant a night on the sofas and at the end of the work week we could both tell. I love middle age.
Friday was WISE GUY , and I still love that show.. and then came the bleak midwinter...
It will surprise no one who's had more than one conversation with me that the news hit hard and there were phone calls made to make sure I was okay. My dad simply said, " You're wearing black today." I looked down and ... jeez... he was right.
Brad and Jen . And here' my press release, no further comment will be made. It's nice when two people in Hollywood who are married like one another. It's sad that it never works out, apparently even when they still like one another. Oh well, I still have Sean and Robin. And Johnny seems happy with the french babe.... maybe there's hope.
Saturday done, we hit Sunday. For our Anglo friends who believe that no one in America can understand their football love I'll make a comment. During Thursday's snow the front office of the Packers called for shovelers for Lambeau Field. Friday morning over seven hundred people had arrived by 6:30 in the morning. So to see Brett throw interceptions against the Vikings, to see the team fall apart on sacred ground, to see Randy Moss without the helmet (Hairdresser, Dude)...
It was a bad day.
Monday morning it was dark when I went for my appointment with the personal trainer and get this..... he made me work out. And now I have my first month of workouts for 2005. I started doing this in 1979 and cannot understand why you can't take a month off after 25 years without gaining body fat. It doesn't seem fair. I went today again and hopefully tommorrow will be an all clear. But the car is going in for a checkup, I have a birthday gift that needs to be bought and a house that needs to be cleaned. No, no , I'll go. People are right when they say it makes you feel better, it's just, well you also feel sore and miss T.V. and pretty soon you're living off of protein shakes and tuna , giving up alcohol.... it's quite vicious really.
So it's Tuesday night, work went well and I got some writing done, e-mails off and a pet from the
cat who hates everybody and maybe it's okay about Brad and Jen, and Mom seeing my house not entirely clean and even if it's not I'm spending Friday night in a luxury hotel so how bad can life be?


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