Jan 14, 2005

hmmmmm... just an idea

The Whole Nine Yards
a good idea
The Whole Ten Yards
not a good idea

Coca Cola
a great idea
New Coke
a bad idea
Return to Original fromula (but not really)
an ass saving idea

a good idea
Rocky 2-5
a greedy idea

Cable Television
a good idea
The Golf Channel
A what the f#*k idea

Paying Ken Bruen to write books
a great idea
Paying Paris Hilton to do anything, let alone write a book
a really lame idea

A wonderful idea
Hamburgers served on lettuce instead of a bun
A just have a salad idea

Working Out
A really good idea
Jon Actually doing it
A funny idea

Cell Phones
a useful idea
Letting people use them were ever they go
A really annoying idea

Reed Coleman writing "The James Deans"
A grand idea
Buying multiple copies of "The James Deans"
A even grander idea!
Buy Reed’s Book!

Letting the public vote
A noble idea
Actually letting the public vote
not such a great idea

Me stopping this now

A pretty damn good idea!


Mystery Dawg said...

Absolutely - BUY the JAMES DEANS! Then visit Reed on his tour.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

And then after you buy Reed's book, Buy him a beer!

Bill Spencer said...

A therapeutic dose of strychnine
--A good idea for its time

A fatal dose of same
--A bad idea any time

Actually nailing the spelling of strychnine
--dumb luck!

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

You spelled strychnine on your own? I'm impressed! There are days I can't even spell my name right!