Jan 22, 2005


Saturday morning, early afternoon. Milwaukee is still getting a lot of snow.

My Uncle called and needed a ride to the shop because he could not get out of his driveway.

Jon and his four wheel drive Ranger to the rescue. Cruising down lakefront drive windows down plunging through snowdrifts with out slowing down. Not much other traffic. Ozzy Ozborne singing about a Crazy Train at full volume. Life is good!! I love driving in the snow.

Saw a lot of people downtown and on the eastside shoveling out their cars after getting plowed in. Some people stuck because they were driving in places they should know better than to try and drive.

I kept humming along, tunes cranked, loving the snow!

Got back to the shop, dropped my uncle off at the garage to get the plow and I went and did donuts in the parking lot.......

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Mystery Dawg said...


Well its sunny, 80 degrees and I've been sitting by the pool awaiting the Peter Moore Smith signing in a few hours. Margaritas and chips and beutiful women who are getting their winter suntans. I'll take that over the snow. How cool it that, I have Ozzy on my mp3 playing BLIZZARD OF OZZ!