Mar 29, 2006

Pre Bouchercon 2006 - Milwaukee

The tuesday afternoon before bouchercon (sept 26) we are planning an event to kick it all off. We are going to have a paintball tournament here in Milwaukee. The starting price is $65 and it drops as we add more people. Afterward we are planning a cookout.

This is the Place where we will be doing it>
BFG Paintball in Milwaukee

As part of this we are also looking into arranging transport to Madison for Wed afternoon and back to Milwaukee on Sunday. If the ride leaves Madison Sunday around 11:00am it would be safe to book flights after 3:00pm.

If you have any interest at all leave a message or drop me a line.

This should be a lot of fun.


anne frasier said...

i wanna be a cheerleader with one bad knee.

Jeff said...

This sounds like fun!