Mar 14, 2006

Robert Crais - The Two Minute Rule

In case you haven't heard the new Robert Crais book, THE TWO MINUTE RULE is amazing.
Mr. Crais is on tour with it and was in Milwaukee tonight. After an interview with the main man Ruth and I went to Two, not one, two signings. Great fun with a great guy.

He signed at Mystery One Books and another locally owned chain. Wonderful stories about researching bank robbing.


Jeremy said...

Robert's shirt was a tad subdued. What is up with that? I want loud and ugly!

Anonymous said...

Okay, pictures are, to put it midly, lousy. Can't anyone use a simpile editor to fix them up, cropping, making them faster to load by reducing their file size? I'd be glad to do that minor bit if asked.

You know me by Bud on RAM. And yeah, dialup sucks but cheap.