Mar 6, 2006


I just finished Victor Gischler's SHOTGUN OPERA.
I am blown away. I read it in two sittings stopping only to thow some food in my gut. Thsi book was amazing. It doesn't have the same level as quirkiness that some of Victor's other work has but I think his writing has gone up a notch or two.

It opens with two brothers who do work for the mob in New York. Something happens to put Mike off his game and he leaves ending up in Oklahoma. His brother Danny stays in New York, has a son and opens a bar. Danny get cancer but before passing tells his son Andrew if he ever neds help to call his uncle Mike. Not borrow money trouble, but real trouble.

Well, Andrew has that in spades and ends up on the run an in Oklahoma. He's got bad people after him and his Uncle Mike looks like his only hope.

Fast paced, full of action and great characters Victor Gischler has written what is got to be one of my favorite books of the year.

Look for it in April in a mass market paperback. $6.99, buy extra copies and share with your friends, they will thank you.


Cornelia Read said...

I've been waiting for this since LCC El Paso, and still think this is the best title EVER.

Marcus Sakey said...

Outstanding! Can't wait to read it. Nice work, Victor!

Anonymous said...


Marcus e-mailed to let me know the great things you said about SHOTGUN. Wow. I'm speechless. I really appreciate you're getting the word out. Thanks and thanks. And by the way ... thanks.

Victor Gischler

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

What can I sy dude, I Loved the book.

You did the hard part. You wrote the mother fucker!

Robert S.P. Lee said...

Who's the company putting it out, Jon?

Ross Hugo-Vidal said...

He's BAAA-C-K! This is what I call a scoop. Thanks for breaking the story CCZ! Somebody tell Sarah Weinman!

A couple of days without power up here in Maine, and the whole world passes us by. Our 12 year old son is still searching high and low for the copy of Gun Monkeys that Dad says he is too young to read. Now I'll have another title with which to play hide and go seek.

Let's form a mob and all write suitable Amazon reviews, and send chain letters to Dell! This inquiring mind wants to know, will Victor revive his trend-setting blog? After a Gischler interview, duck-hunting with Dick Cheney, or publishing Danish cartoons in Baghdad, is a piece of cake...

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The book is coming from Bantam Dell in a mass Market paperback original.

Cheap enough to buy extra coipes!

Jeremy L said...

Excellent, a new Victor book. I await it with baited breath.