Dec 22, 2004

Cat Blog

Jon mentioned that other members of the crime spree family might be posting here.
Well, I don't really work on that, but I do keep him company while he does it.

I'm Logan and I am an orange fluffy cat. I adopted Jon about two years before he quit drinking. It took a while but between me and the other three cats here we got him housebroken. It made the house pretty nice to live in, even if it was mostly set up for humans. Jon wasn't quite as funny late at night, but he was around a lot more and that good. I like company.

We must have done pretty good with the housebreaking because a couple years later Jon brought home another human. He calls here Ruth. I like her because she wakes up early and feeds us wet food. She also is really good at napping, but she doesn't do that enough. Still, I'm pretty happy withmy humans.

Ok enough background, on with the cat blogging or cataloging if you will....

Dec 22, 2004 5:00am
I got off the cat condo around 5:00 am and started walking across Ruth. She eventually took the hint and woke up. That done, I got off the bed and followed her to the kitchen. Maybe it's a wet food day!!!!
Nope. Just coffee for her.
Followed Ruth to the ofice and sat next to her on the desk. She is playing with a mouse and doin weird things to the tv they call a computer. She sometimes says something about "stupid spider solitire"
Shit. She's moving around again. Oh wait. here come jon. I'll folow him and meow at him. Maybe he'll scratch my that was good. I'm going to go take a nap.
8:00 am
I got up off the bed and moved to the comforter on the floor next to the bed. Time for a nap.
I eat some kibble and walk around the living room. I think I'll nap on the couch.
2:00 pm
I'm going to go check on Jon. I like when he stays home. I wonder why he isn't napping. Hey!? Is that a ping pong ball!!!????Wheee!!
I need a nap.
6:00 pm Ruth isn't home yet. I better go and meow at the door so Jon knows she isn't here yet. He said my name really loud. I think he heard me.
I'm going to go and nap on the clean laundry.
12:00 I blogged. I think I'll go sleep on Ruth's head till Jon goes to bed. Then I can head butt his book till I need a nap.

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Mystery Dawg said...

Cats! CATS! I'm in need of a new cat. Our cat past away after living for close to 15 years, he was an outside cat too! All that California sunshine and dogs to chase kept him young.