Dec 18, 2004

Red Hot Chili Peppers

While doing my shopping around this time of year I usuall get myself a nice gift. This year I got the new
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Greatest hits which includes a DVD of all their videos. Great stuff. It has commentary available for each one and it also has a boatload of footage from back stage at a couple shows including stuff with John Cale. Woody Harrelson and Chris Rock. I was inspired enough to go and pick up their live DVD, Live At Slane castle in Ireland. Wow. What a great show. 80,000 plus people, beautiful setting and of course, great music. Just watching these guys on stage you can see how much they love what they do and that they love playing in this band with each other. It's a real joy to see people who love what they do.

    photos from

    I didn't realize till about a month ago that Anthony Keidis and Flea are a year older than I am. After becoming clean and sober guys they have all definitly taken care of them selves. I wish I could move around like that. Part of it has to be the yoga and green tea.

    Watching them might be the inspiration I need to really start to get in shape.......

    jon - rocking instead of working


    Aldo said...

    What's wrong with rockin' while you're workin'?

    I always like the stereo up load while I'm writing. This morning's selection - KISS ALIVE at Cobol hall

    Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

    I actually work better with music, and usually loud music. However watching and working don't mix.

    For physical labor AC/DC works great.

    And I think Kiss would be great too. Of course I have to play when Ruth isn't around. After seeing Paul Stanley last fall in Spandex she can't listen to them any more.
    He might be just a tad too old for the tight clothes look.


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    Matte said...

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