Dec 16, 2004

What do the Holidays mean to you?

From the time I was a wee lad I have been a fan of the December holiday season. In the Jordan household we celebrate Christmas. Over the years I have also celebrated Hanukah with freinds.

It used to be all about time away from school and lots of food we didn't get to eat the rest of the year. And toys. Lots and lots of toys. I still have my Hot Wheels from the first year they were introduced. At 41 years of age it has been almost three years since I set up track and raced them, but I still buy new cars. GI Joe stuff was big too. And Tonka tucks, when they were still made entirely of metal.

As time when on things changed. When I was in college December meant no school. But it also meant seeing the family. And after months in a dormitory, I missed them. It also meant hooking up with friends and drinking. A lot of drinking.

And now? Now I'm married to a woman I adore and who for whatever reason adores me. And the whole season is magic again. She bakes and makes candy. We decorate like crazy. And we go shopping together. Also I can go to Victoria's Secret and actually buy stuff.

We split the holidays up between my family and hers, and we make time for ourselves too. And while I still love getting gifts, I love picking out gifts for other people more. And now it really is about spending time with people I love, and sending greetings to the people I won't be able to see.

So ok, this might be a little mushier than I intended. But this usaually only comes over me once a year, so don't get to used to it.......


Anonymous said...

Yo Jon,

Great words man, and hey I got you and Ruth's card today, more great words.

When we gonna get your novel......?

Chicago in September - see you then my friend

assitant ed

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