Dec 16, 2004

Not The Best Way To Start a Day

Wake up at 8:00am, a half hour extra sleep.
8:30, I'm sitting in a dentist chair.
8:45, my mouth is getting numb and there is a lot of stuff inmy mouth that isn't mine.
metal hardware type objects, fingers and drills and hoses.
2:00pm, I can finally feel my mouth again and drink coffee without spilling down my front side.
Plus smoking looks cool again.

I understand the dentist, I do similar things things to machinery. It doesn't even hurt, or what little pain there is I can tolerate. But I hate the damn sounds. Scraping and the whine of the drill. Not my happy place. (that's a whole other post...)

On the up side on my very first visit I told Dr. Dennis that if she asked me "Is it safe?", that I would slug her and leave the building screaming. She actually knew what I meant. Bonus points for being a well read dentist. The fact that seh's really good doesn't hurt either.


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