Dec 26, 2004

Post Un-Wrapping Wrap up

So, it's the 26th. The family has all gotten visits and gifts were exchanged.
Lots of good food and a lot of fun.

We started at my Mom and Dad's house.
Ruth got My brother Paul a oak gaming table, with Roulette, Black Jack and Craps for his basement. He's single and has a great bar set up down there.
We got my mom some clothes, and sister Dianne got bunny slippers. On the front they say "Your Anger Makes Me Happy", I love the happy bunny products...
Jennfer got a DVD player and some movies.Also a Babar the Elephant yoga book.
The killer was my Dad opening a 32" flat screen HDTV ready television. He was a bit surprised to say the least.
Ruth got some great wine drinking accessories and a electric Jar opener.( making me unneeded in the kitchen when she cooks)
I got a limited edition signed Neil Gaimen book, and a signed Gaimen poster. Plus a posable Silver Surfer and a Howard The Duck. The proceeds went to the Comic Defense Fund. Very cool.I also got the new Reverend Horton Heat which included a DVD. Plus a really cool big lighter for my desk.
We rounded out my parents house with a gift for each of the kids from a friend of the family. I received a signed XTC lp. Very very cool.

Long drive to Sheboygan in the cold. Arrived at Brother in Laws House at 12:45

Unloaded truck and announced that I needed to change into my pj's. He jumped up and said "here!", and handed me AC/DC lounge pants. Peter knows me pretty well. Ruth got Eyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Came back and we got down to it.After a frenzy of paper we all had nice looking piles of loot. Mine included a Monty Python tshirt which will no doubt be part of my B-Con outfit for next fall. I also got a great Ramones DVD, Hero on DVD, a Batman alarm clock, which I'm sure Reed will love the next time he stays over...

The next morning at the In Laws house we really got loaded up. My inlaws love to give gifts and they are good shoppers. I got some really cool Santas to put out including another one on a motorcycle. Father In Law Dick, ( who wrote the piece on Lee Child in Crime Spree) got me the Matrix 10 disc set. He rocks. He also got me the new Den Koontz and a Jim Thompson book I was missing. Also included in the pile were a minature Grandfather clock, a nice wood tray for the arm of my recliner, some really cool shirts and there was more but this is the stuff that really stands out this early in the morning after little sleep....

Ruth got me great stuff. I got her some good stuff too , at least she told me she liked it! And Ruth doesn't lie so I have to assume she liked it.
I got Ruth: A bunch of DVD's including The Misfits, Season two of Wiseguy, Two "best of" Freinds, True Crime , Jesus Christ Super Star and Tapeheads. I also got her the entire Pink Collection from Victoria Secret. A winnie the pooh print for framing. I also made her happy by replacing the movie poster from The Crow with a poster of Johhny Depp.I bought her assorted books including a true crime book about people hiding bodies in weird ways.I got her perfume and some girly stuff like lotions and products. Cd's included Green Day and Brian Wilson's Smile. There was also a vacum cleaner.
She also got a really cool winnie the pooh snowglobe, and assorted Disney clothes. I'm kind of drawing a blank on the other stuff....

Ruth got me wonderful stuff, including, Batman action figure set, A pizza stone, justice league toothpaste,2 fast 2 frurious soundtrack, Live Aid on DVD, books, including two hard to find Max Allan Collins, The Comic Book Enclyclopedia, and a hard cover volume of Marvel's 1602 by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert. I also got a great board game and assorted clothing items. She shopped great.

There is also a pile of new dvds. Between us the pile is around thirty two seperate titles. Today is going to be all about the movies and relaxing....

So, what did you people get?


Mystery Dawg said...

Lots of DVDs. Most surprising was the fact that I did not get a single book or card to any bookstore. I think the unspoken message is that Dad has too many books.

The best part of the day was being with family and watching the smiles on all the kid's faces as they opened their presents.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

I love watching people when they open gifts. Especially when it's a gift I picked out.

I still love getting them too, but I really enjoy giving them. I must be growing up a little bit.

And having kids around has got to be great at this time of year.

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