Feb 20, 2007

Robert Crais - The Watchman

Robert Crais has a new book out in 7 days. The Watchman is the first book to star Joe Pike from the Elvis Cole series and it's an ass kicker. I finished it in two sittings, around 4:30 in the morning causing a lovely book hangover the next day at work.

Pike asked someone a favor a couple of books ago, and now it's time to pay back the favor, keep watch over a spoiled rich girl who saw something she shouldn't have. So Pike does what he does best and sets out to keep the girl safe. With a bit of help from Elvis he's also trying to find out exactly who wants her dead.

It's a great book.

Robert Crais will be on tour for the new book and you can check out where here:
Robert Crais The Watchman Tour

Get the book, and go see Mr. Crais!

Feb 14, 2007

DVD Review - Haven

I loved Crash, so when I saw that this is from the same team I was already interested. Add Orlando BloomBill Paxton and Anthony Mackie to the mix and I was ready to go.

It's a Romeo and Juliet story set in the Caymen Islands and it's a wonderful version of a timeless tale. It also has all the elements of a great thriller with plot twists and unexpexted turns..

Paxton is always good, and he was amazing here. I also think Orlando Bloom is really underrated as this peroemance may be one of his best.

Writer Frank E Flowers really delivered.

Feb 13, 2007

my weekend with the Chicago boys

Marcus Sakey and Sean Chercover are out doing the tour thing for their first books.
This past weekend they used our home as a base of operations for the Wisconsin portion of their mission to sell all their books. Friday night at Mystery One in Milwaukee, Saturday morning at a library gig in Muskego, and Saturday afternoon in Madison at Booked For Murder. I got to see the two of them in action three times. They work well together and all three times the crowds seemed to have fun, and they bought books.

I also learnd that Marcus takes his poker seriously, Sean not as much. Though Sean won...
Also Trivial pusuit games can last way to late into sunday morning....

Both Sean and Marcus are wonderful guests, and wonderful authors. SO if you can't house them, at least read their books!

Feb 8, 2007

Crimespree Cinema DVD calendar online.

After a ridiculous amount of time (Thank goodness for coffee) , a couple of major screw-ups, the Crimespree DVD calendar is online. The Calendar will be updated weekly with any info I get. There is a link, on the lower right side of the Crimespree Cinema site.
Note: Not all of the dates are hard, some are still tentative, and are subject to change.

Click here to go to visit the calendar.

As always, input is welcome.


Feb 3, 2007

Wis. Police Chief Tickets Himself $235

Wis. Police Chief Tickets Himself $235
By Associated Press

KEWASKUM, Wis. - Police Chief Richard Knoebel says he wasn't about to take the easy way out when he accidentally drove past a stopped school bus with its emergency lights flashing.
For violating traffic laws, Knoebel wrote himself a ticket for $235, docked himself four points on his driving record and paid the fine the next day.

It happened in September but didn't make news until after the fine appeared in court records and was reported by a West Bend newspaper.

Knoebel says he doesn't mind getting the belated attention, if it serves to raise awareness.
"If it brings notice to people that they should be stopping for school buses, I don't mind the notoriety," he said.

He said he was on patrol on four-lane U.S. 45 when he was distracted by a stopped dump truck. He saw a car coming from behind and thought it might hit the truck, so he moved to pass the truck before he saw the stopped school bus in the far lane.

He said he didn't realize he had passed the bus until it was too late.

Ten bucks says this guy gets elected to something.