Nov 5, 2012

Post voting....

So tomorrow pretty much everyone I'm friends with will be hitting their local polling place and voting if they haven't already voted early. I've always felt that if you have a political view you need to express it with a vote. If you don't vote I don't want to hear your opinion.

I've got friends on both sides, Republican and Democrat. Almost all of them can discuss this stuff rationally without getting angry at each other. They can avoid name calling and rudeness. Of course if they couldn't I probably wouldn't be friends with them.

I get it, I understand why people get passionate about this stuff.  It's important and the outcome will impact everyone. So regardless of what you believe, back it up with a vote. And then lets see if we can't move forward from that and do something crazy. Lets all work together to make this country better. Talk to your congressmen and senators. Talks to your Alderman, send a letter top the President if you disagree with something.

But can we please stop acting like assholes?  People disagreeing is what helps us find the best solution for everyone if we can move past the disagreement and work together. Washington  needs to stop playing politics and lead. meaning what's best for the American people and not just your party.

We have common goals, we want to be safe, we want to be  free and we want to be able to make ourselves happy.
Let's try to do it together.

So as of Wednesday just maybe we can stop the name calling and the rhetoric and actually use that energy in a positive way?

I love my Republican friends, they are smart and bring up things I might not have thought about. My Democrat friends are passionate good people. They are all smart people that make me think and make me smile. And I trust my friends no matter how they vote. So maybe after the voting is done we can all start to trust each other and work together to make Washington does what best for us, the American people and not just best for their parties?

I do care who wins the election, but no matter who it is, and what office they are in, I want the politicians to stop playing politics and start governing

We can get it if we really want it.