May 25, 2006

Photo Fun!

St. Paul Minnasota
It's a city with very clean clothes

And there are authors on every corner with books!
Why look, it's William Kent Krueger!!!

St. Paul also has almost no crime. Look at the size of the Sherriff's Department detention center. I'll bet there's no more than two cells in it. LOW CRIME!!

Plus St. Paul has great clubs with free Booze. Jill Lynch shows us one of her favorite spots to go clubbing

And for no real reason, my sister Jennifer

May 23, 2006

Crimespree Issue 12

Well, it's on it way. Issue 12 has been delivered to the mailing service and we are in high gear on number 13 featuring the wonderful Karen Slaughter. We are alos well into issue 14 with a great intreview with Greg Rucka coming.

We just got our first subscriber from Germany! We also now have subscribers in Sweden. Seven different countries now on the mailing list. I'ts been an officail two years with the mailing of 12 and it's flown right by. Looks like we could be here to stay!

Coming in issue twelve:
<>2 Editorials – from Ben Leroy and Ruth Jordan
News Bits
On The Road with Ali Karim, Ayo Onatade
Reality TV by Heather Webber
Perfection And How To Achieve It by Walter Satterthwait
Conversation with Kate Stine by SJ Rozan
Bookstore Spotlight: Black Orchid by Anthony Rainone
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance by Barry Eisler
Fiction: The Morning After by Douglas Shepherd
Cover Story: Val McDermid and interview by Ruth Jordan
Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Robert Crais Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Going Undercover with Gayle Lynds by Rob Krese
Fiction:Bad Press by Charles Edward
Scott Wolven Interview by Bryon Quartermous
Grandpa’s Gun by Nick Stone
Ghost Of A Chance by Casey Daniels
One Writer’s Remedial Reading by Chris Grabenstein
R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Reed Farrel Coleman
What The %&@#? by Todd Robinson
Voices by Laura Bradford
Whipsaw by Steve Brewer
Fiction: Hidden Scars by Adrian Milnes
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
Crimes on .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
Book Reviews, DVD Reviews and Paperback and DVD Releases

So according to the mailing service they shouls arrive in about ten days. They do some times take just a bit longer because it's bulk mail and delivery varies from post office to post office.

Thanks for being patient about the delay. It looks like we are back on track and ready to go.

May 21, 2006

DVD review: Munich

Universal Home Entertainment.
In 1972, at the Winter Olympics, a group of Arab terrorists kidnapped, and ultimately executed 13 Israeli athletes. After this tragedy, Israel called upon a handful of its citizens to seek out and punish some of the people behind the massacre.

In Munich, Steven Spielberg takes us on a very uncomfortable journey with the men that are called on, by Israel, to exact retribution on the Arab terrorists. The Oscar nominated film is about vengeance and the devastating effects it can have on society and the men that carry it out in the name of justice and country.

Are these acts atrocities, or simply justice being administered by a country that has had its citizens brutally executed simply because of who they are and where they are from? This film chooses not to offer an answer to that question, perhaps because the answer will depend on your point of view. The film instead chooses to focus on what happens when good men who are guided by patriotism commit murder. These men are not sociopaths and therefore struggle and suffer from actions that their job requires.

If you are going to buy this on dvd, and I suggest you do, pick up the two dvd set. The extras feature the thoughts and feelings of the cast in regards to the Munich massacre. You get a much better feeling for the film and why Steven felt compelled to make it despite the criticism he received for doing so.

Jeremy Lynch

Reading is Fundimental

And it's even better when reading is just plain fun..... In a crime filled kind of a way.

Summer is officially here if measured by activity and not the weather which is kind of laughing at us here in the Midwest. We went to see POSEIDON on Friday night, and I followed that up with a reading jag. And now the packing begins for the Memorial Day Weekend. And so I thought I'd share a few favorite reads with everyone , something you can throw in the suitcase and escape to.

If you're on vacation you cannot do better than Lee Child's Jack Reacher. THE HARD WAY makes the reading easy. For fans of the P.I. novel Linda Barne's THE HEART OF THE WORLD gets to the epicenter of the Carlotta series, throw it in your carry-on and you'll be at your destination in the blink of an eye. Are you heading off th Disney World and wish it was Yosemite or Yellowstone? Bring along C.J. Box. IN PLAIN SIGHT will bring you back to nature. And if you've yet to read Ken Bruen well, he currently has three books on the shelves of your favorite bookstore. He writes as no one else and is well worth investigating. Friday night's reading was the outstanding PIECE OF MY HEART written by another shining light in the mystery community. Peter Robinson has skills others can only dream of and has written a series while playing with the police procedural format in such a way that you truly "never know what your gonna get". Unlike chocolates though, the center will always be marvelous. This book centers on a sixties rock band and the present day murder of someone just passing through town.

New "kids" ? First let me mention Cornelia Read. A FIELD OF DARKNESS is one of the best debuts in recent memory. A second favorite is without a doubt last year's ALL SHOOK UP by Mike Harrison. He's followed that up with this year's WILD THING. ALL SHOOK UP was nominated for the Ellis award and was a great introduction to P.I. Eddie Dancer. This year's WILD THING makes Harrison "one to watch". Dancer is called from Calgary to Merry Ol' England when an author is accused of being a serial killer. Full of twists and turns, the celebrity of crime, and a couple of unanswered questions it is fresh and well worth your time. I'd love to see the Dancer series emerge as a new standard for the mystery fan.

Don't have time for a whole book? Take along a short story collection. There are a lot to choose from. Amongst them are DUBLIN NOIR, BALTIMORE NOIR and D.C. NOIR from the Noir offices of Johnny Temple. Also good from beginning to end are HARD BOILED BROOKLYN from our own Reed Coleman and DEADLY HOUSEWIVES from Christine Matthews.
So enjoy your vacation and leave Patterson to the amateurs.

2 movies, one good one bad

Tonight we watched The Green River Killer, a movie based on the true killings of over 48 prostitutes. Rleased in January of this year it could quite possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen. Not a single recognizable name in the cast, A director I've never heard of, and just plain bad graphics and production. Lion's Gate released this pile of shit on the public, and for the life of me I can't guess why. I'd guess the film's budget was around $200,000 tops.
It was filled with bad editing, a narrative that I guess was supposed to give us insight into the mind of the killer, but was just stupid and annoying, and graphic autopsy scens that had nothing to do with the film. It's just cheap bad porn. Pure crap.
And I watched every minute so you don't have to....

On The other side of the spectrum

This movie was great. Filmed in Australia and supposedly based on actual events it is both suspenseful and scary as hell. Great acting, beautiful cinematography, and wonderful directing. This movie captivated me and kept me spellbound.

It starts off as a road trip for three twenty somethings, 1 guy and two girls off on an adventure. After visiting a national park they discover their car is dead. Being in the middle of nowhere they are thrilled when a kind stranger offers help. And this is when their world starts to go to hell.

Not for the squeamish, but totally satisfying, this is a great movie.

So Don't bother with Green River Killer, get Wolf Creek and watch it twice.

Review - Boston Legal Season 1

Boston Legal: Season One
Fox Home Entertainment.

If you had told me that I would be watching, and enjoying, a legal drama featuring William Shatner (Here forward referred to as The Shat!) and James Spader, I would have been fairly certain you had been taking illicit substances,I would have suggested a fine rehab clinic and perhaps a good shrink.

But here I am, watching Boston Legal, and enjoying it quite a bit. This show blurs the lines of humor and drama as well as those between right and wrong. They offer you a character you like defending a position, or person, that is morally reprehensible. It also offers us some fairly scuzzy people behaving with kindness and decency.

David E. Kelly, best known for Ally Mcbeal, is the producer of the show. While Legal shares some of the bizarreness of Mcbeal, it does not come across as being weird for the sake of being weird. There are some distinctly odd people such as Denny Crane (The Shat! in a role that had to have been created just for him.) and Alan Shore (Spader), but the strangeness is reigned in and is consistent with the characters.

The one gripe I have is the mid season addition of Betty White. She plays an assistant to Alan Shore whose extremely sarcastic personality is surprising given her image as a sweet elderly lady. The contrast is amusing, but detracts from the other characters.

Jeremy Lynch

DVD releases - May 23rd

Boston Legal Season One
Five-disc set with 17 episodes, $39.98.William Shatner, James Spader.
Extras: "The Court Is Now in Session: How Boston Legal Came to Be" featurette, "An Unlikely Pair: Alan Shore and Denny Crane" featurette. (Fox)
The Closer: The Complete First Season
$39.98 four-disc set Kyra Sedgwick.
Extras: deleted scenes. (Warner bros)
Deadwood: The Complete Second Season
$99.98. Extras: Nine commentaries, "The Real Deadwood: 1877" featurette, "Making of Season Two Finale" featurette, "Deadwood" daguerreotypes. (HBO Video).
Murder Inc.
(1960) Stuart Whitman, May Britt, Henry Morgan, Peter Falk, David J. Stewart, Simon Oakland, Sarah Vaughan, Morey Amsterdam. (Fox).
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
(1967) Jason Robards, George Segal, Ralph Meeker, Jean Hale, Clint Ritchie, Frank Silvera, Joseph Campanella. (Fox).
The Boondock Saints Unrated Special Edition
(1999) Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly. Added footage. Two-disc set
Extras: Commentary by writer-director Troy Duffy and Billy Connolly, deleted scenes, outtake reel. (Fox).
The Dirty Dozen Two-Disc Special Edition
(1967) Dir.: Robert Aldrich; Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson. Jim Brown, John Cassavetes, Richard Jaeckel, George Kennedy, Trini Lopez, Ralph Meeker, Robert Ryan, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland.
Extras: Introduction by Ernest Borgnine; commentary by E.M. Nathanson, David J. Schow and Capt. Dale Dye with Jim Brown, Trini Lopez, Kenneth Hyman, Stuart Cooper and Colin Maitland; vintage featurette "Operation Dirty Dozen"; bonus movie "The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission," the 1985 sequel with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Jaeckel reprising their original roles; two new documentaries: "Armed and Deadly: The Making of The Dirty Dozen" and "The Filthy Thirteen: Real Stories From Behind the Lines"; "Marine Corps Combat Leadership Skills": vintage recruitment documentary featuring Lee Marvin. (Warner).

May 19, 2006

DVD Review - Hill Street Blues Season Two

Hill Street Blues Season Two
Fox Television

Season two is every bit as good as season one, in fact it’s better. The characters are fleshed out more, the actors are more in tune with their roles and the show has it’s own style well in place. The story lines in season two are terrific, police corruption, JD’s on going battle with booze, Renko dealing with Hill’s changing role as a black officer and of course Ferrilo and Joyce decide to go public with their relationship.

Season two also had some of the best writing on television, which was only enhanced by a Mr. Robert Crais a story editor in the beginning of the season. Also involved is Anthony Yerchovick who later went on to do Miami Vice. Season two is also loaded with people who went on to be famous for other roles, such as Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek Next Generation playing a drug dealer, Edward James Olmos as a young law student, and Danny Glover as an ex-con.

This series holds up very well, because while clothes styles may change and the monetary values may change, the situations don’t. This series has stories that could be happening today in any city.

Also included are some very nice featurettes including a closer look at some of the characters of Renko and Belcker and Captain Freedom.

This is a lot of entertainment for the buck, and Hill Street Blues is one of the most re-watchable shows to ever air.

DVD Release for May 16rd

<>Con Air Unrated Extended Edition
(1997) $19.99 Dir.: Simon West; Nicholas Cage, John Cusak, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Colm Meaney. (Buena Vista).
Buy Con Air Extended Edition

Crimson Tide: Unrated Extended Edition
(1995) $19.99 Dir.: Tony Scott; Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, Matt Craven, George Dzundza, Viggo Mortensen, James Gandolfini. Extras: Deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurette. (Buena Vista). <>Buy Crimson Tide Unrated Edition

<>The Dark Mirror
(1946) Dir.: Robert Siodmak; Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayres, Thomas Mitchell, Richard Long. (Paramount).
<>Enemy of the State Unrated Extended Edition
(1998) $19.99 Dir.: Tony Scott; Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Regina King, Jake Busey, Gabriel Byrne, Scott Caan. Extras: The Making of Enemy of the State, All Access: “The Showdown” Scene, Deleted Scenes, Original Theatrical Trailer(Buena Vista)
Buy Enemy Of The State Unrated Edition
<> Hill Street Blues Season Two
Three-disc set with 18 episodes, $39.98. Extras: Commentary on select episodes, "Gregory Hoblit: The Hill Street Blues Story" and "Confessions of Captain Freedom" featurettes, gag reel, profiles of Bruce Weitz (on Mick Belker) and Charles Haid (on Andy Renko). (Fox). Buy Hill Street Blues Season Two

May 16, 2006

Star Wars - Jeremy Happy Dance

George Lucas has finally broken down and accepted the fact the Star Wars fans HATE the fact that he messed with the original films. He will now release them in their original form. Han Solo will kill Greedo in cold blood. Yes!!!

Here are the details on the releases of the unaltered original Star Wars films:

Star Wars(Episode IV):
Disc 1: Widescreen Feature (Enhanced Trilogy Version)
Commentary by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher
Easter Egg - Credit Roll
Disc 2: Widescreen Feature (For Both Versions Full Screen and Widescreen) - original theatrical movie version in dolby 2.0 surround
XBox Playable Game Demo
Lego Game Trailer

Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will each be the same format as above. The only real differences are the films themselves. Each will have the same people doing commentary.

These will all be released on Sept 12, 2006 and will each retail at $29.98 They will only be available for a limited time and will be pulled from the shelves after Christmas.
I want to thank Fox for providing me with the info.

Jeremy Lynch

May 12, 2006

Irwin Allen’s The Towering Inferno Special Edition

Irwin Allen’s The Towering Inferno (1974)
Special Edition DVD

Going back and watching The Towering Inferno was incredible. It still gives me goose bumps when Paul Newman yells at William Holden, “Why?! Because we’ve got a FIRE here!!!” I am not sure if it’s the gravity of the situation (and Holden’s character’s stupid “Why should we evacuate?”) that gets me worked up; or the fact that Paul Newman is one of the freaking coolest guys ever to grace the screen; or if it is, perhaps, some errant homoerotic sensation that the then 49 year old Newman could awaken in the machoest of men or the manliest of women….I mean c’mon, let’s face it; even at 81 Newman is a damn sexy guy. (….Mmmmm, Paul Newman. NO! NO! NO! MMMMM, JESSICA ALBA!!! Mmm, Carla Gugino. Mmmmmmmmmm, Jennifer Love Hewitt..... mmmm-hmm!!! Yep, THAT’S the one. Phew!) Okay, okay; I think I’ve recovered.

Ahem. Well then, where was I? Oh, yes… The Poseidon Adven…no, no; The Towering Inferno. That’s right. (J-Love does it every time! She can bring me back from anywhere.)

Inferno’s special effects were not only good for 1974; they were good for eighty-four, ninety-four, or ought-four. What is the premise? Paul Newman designs and William Holden builds the tallest skyscraper in the world, but due to some corner cutting by Holden’s son-in-law Richard Chamberlain, the building catches fire on the night of the gala opening. That’s the story: there, I just ruined it for you. It should be mentioned that if you are looking for a deep and meaningful plot this is NOT your movie, but you don’t really need an intricate and multilayered plotline when you’ve got disaster, daring rescues, courageous firemen, and a BUTTload of star power: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, Jennifer Jones, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner, and an actor we thought that would never amount to anything, named--wait for it--O.J. Simpson. (Juice saves a kitty from a burning room, showing us his “soft side.”) What a magical on-screen pairing, a pairing for the ages: Paul Newman and O.J. Simpson. Forget the scenes between screen legends Newman and McQueen, watch O.J. and Paul go at it. Sparks fly, and all I can say is “WOW!!!” …Anyway…. (It may be time for me to cut back on the meds.)

The Towering Inferno Special Edition has 9 all-new features, and a couple of vintage ones. Interesting tidbits highlight a feud between Newman and McQueen that never actually happened, and a feud between Dunaway and Holden that did. In attendance are the expected deleted scenes and outtakes (you get to see Newman and McQueen clowning around with each other); and a couple of commentary options (one from a film historian--what I would call a “Buff,” but that might be cynical of me; I didn’t actually watch the movie with the commentary on, so it could be worthwhile--and one from the stunt coordinator of the X-Men).

Randy Otteson

May 11, 2006

Bouchercon as an ongoing event

Every year mystery fans gather at conventions and conferences. Bouchercon is clearly the BIG SHOW.

When you attend you become a "member" for one year. This basically means you get to nominate for the following year's anthony awards. But it's also meant to make you feel like a part of the whole. Part of that is also making you aware of how the money is spent.

The previous post shows exectly where the money went for the Toronto convention. While Vegas still has not shown any finances, and Chicago may not, count on Madison and Baltimore to show them. You pay to go to the convention and as a member of Bouchercon you are entitled to know about the money end of things. Al Navis has nothing to hide and sent his out to the world.

I think what this shows is that it is possible to host one and put on a hell of a show. 2009 is still open people!

Bouchercon 2004

Official Press release of where the money came from and where it went.

Bouchercon 2004:Murder Among the Maples
Press Release / Communiqué
1500 Mystery Authors, Booksellers & Fans Donate $30,000 to Literacy

TORONTO - More than 400 days after Bouchercon 2004: The World Mystery Convention was held (7-10 October 2004 in Toronto), cheques totaling $30,000.00 were presented to literacy groups at a wrap-up reception and dinner on Friday 18 November 2005 at the CN Tower, the World’s Tallest Free Standing Structure here in Toronto.

Cathy Mann, Executive Director of the Frontier College Foundation—for more than a century the prime source of literacy programmes and personnel in Canada—received a cheque for $25,000.00 from Al Navis, Chairman and Host of the convention. The funds will be earmarked for the recruitment of more qualified tutors all across the country.

Peter Steven who sits on the Board of Directors for Parkdale – Project Read—a 30-year old community literacy program—was also there to receive a cheque for $5,000.00 which will go to expanding their current physical space among other expenses.

In years past, it was the tradition to forward any surplus funds to future conventions but that seemed to fall by the wayside a few years ago, so when the convention was awarded to Toronto in 2001, the Toronto Executive Committee decided that if there were to be a surplus after all legitimate expenses were paid, literacy programmes would benefit.

It was also announced that a further donation of $1,000.00 would be targeted for Cincinnati Media who have been give the dauntless task of assembled and running a permanent Bouchercon website which would not only have links to future conventions but would also be a living archive for all previous conventions. It is hoped by the Toronto Committee that future Bouchercons follow suit and continue to fund this necessary on-going project.

Finally, by running a totally transparent convention, financially speaking, and by donating all surplus funds to legitmate charities, it is the fervent wish of the Toronto Committee that past Bouchercons who haven’t yet made their financial positions clear, do so now and that all future events operate in a likewise transparent manner.

It is only with this model that the Bouchercon movement can continue in an era with the Internet, regional conventions, more author tours, increased travel expenses and inconvenience and a gradually declining collector’s/reader’s base.

For all the authors, booksellers, fans, agents and publishers who attended the Toronto Bouchercon, on behalf of all the people who will learn how to read and write because of your attendance, we thank you!

On page three (3) of this release is a summary of the finances.

Al Navis, Chairman and Host,
Bouchercon 2004, Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
7-10 October 2004

OCTOBER 7-10, 2004
(Expressed in Canadian dollars)
Memberships (1,078) $ 222,789
Banquet tickets (582) $39,208
Program book advertising space $23,883
Dealers’ room space rentals $8,336
Auction proceeds $8,513

Rental of facilities $81,995
Rental of equipment/furnishings $17,115
Banquet $34,932
Opening reception $12,978
Program books and booklets $11,818
Guests-of-Honour travel and hotel expenses $18,169
Committee members hotel expenses $11,920
Committee members post-convention dinner $3,216
Promotion and advertising $21,447
Website design and operations $13,778
Professional advisory services $15,970
Tote bags $4,061
Lapel pins $1,527
Anthony Award sculptures $2,835
Registration services $3,000
Security services $2,103
Signage $1,719
Revenue processing charges $7,252
Insurance $1,080
Accounting $850
Other administrative, office and sundry $3,799
Contribution to Internet Mastersight design $1,165
Total $272,729


Frontier College Learning Foundation $ 25,000
Toronto Parkdale - Project Read $5,000
Total $ 30,000

Approved by the Board of Directors

“A.M. Navis” Director “J. Beal” Director
A.M. Navis - Chair J.N. Beal, CA - Chief Financial Officer

May 10, 2006

Anthony Ballots

The Anthony Award Ballots arrived at our home today,

I'm not going to tell you who to nominate, but I would like to remind you that short stories from Crimespree can be nominated and I'll email them out on request to help with nominations. Including JS (jennifer)Jordan's Up The Neck.

Also on the ballot is Best Fan publication. hint hint....

Some great first books eligible this year including Harry Hunsicker, Jeff Shelby and Chris Grabbenstien.

The Special Service award is a fun category. I nominated Sarah.

Go Vote. And remeber, if you attended in Chicago last year you get to nominate this year even if you are not going.

May 5, 2006

Bouchercon Madison

The new site is up and running.

  • Author list, hotels, and being updated on a regular basis.

    DVD review - Mercenary For Justice

    I remember Steven Seagal's first films, they had lots of action, great throw away lines and lots of fighting. I really loved Under Siege. As of late Seagal is not the box office draw he once was, however he still has plenty of films coming out on DVD.

    His latest, from FOX, is Mercenary For Justice. All in all it's a pretty entertaining movie. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I'm giving you steak whne I hand you a hot dog. This is a hot dog. Notmuch thinking needed, but it's fast and fun. There's a wonderful fight scene in a bathroom of a restaurant that reminded me of the old days.
    The movie opens with a CIA spook hiring mercenarys to do a job that needs plausible deniability, they do the job and get hung out to dry. Seagal gets pissed and proceeds to go after the people who did him wrong.
    Part caper, part action this is an enteraining rental. It won't change your life, but just enjoy it for what it is, fun mindless entertainment.

    reviewed by a very relaxed Jon Jordan

    May 4, 2006

    In Theatres Now MISSION IMPOSIBLE 3

    Let us cut to the chase: Mission: Impossible 3 is the best of the series. Is that really a major accomplishment? Well, the first was ok, but nothing special. The second was simply more of John Woo’s stylish fighting with little else; more flash than substance. Quite simply, the bar has not been set too terribly high.
    JJ Abrams (creator of Alias and Lost) takes the helm for this edition, and raises the stakes by adding some much needed emotion. Ethan Hunt is now an IMF instructor, having retired from the field, and is engaged to be married to Julie (Michelle Monaghan), the love of his life. (Monaghan has signed on to play Angie Gennaro in Dennis Lehane’s Gone, Baby Gone. This is a chance to see her in action.)

    Ethan is called away from a party to meet with his boss. It seems that Lindsey Ferris, a former student of his, is in trouble. She was on the trail of black market arms dealer Owen Davian (recent Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman), when she was discovered and taken prisoner. Ethan feels responsible and agrees to head up the rescue team.

    Hoffman does his usual good job; though he really is not called on to do much other than be cold and heartless. We do get to see him beat on Cruise, which is kind of fun. (Truth be told, very few cast members are really asked to do anything that would require them to use their considerable talents.)

    Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) is back to help his old pal Ethan, along with a couple of fresh faces in Dermot (Jonathan Rhys Meyers fresh from Woody Allen’s Match Point) and Zhen (Hong Kong star Maggie Q). They accompany Ethan to Berlin to bring back their fellow agent.
    I am not going to reveal too much more, as there are plenty of twists and turns that should be left for you to experience for yourself. The film moves at a frantic pace, rarely stopping to let you catch your breath. This is not necessarily bad, as it also prevents you from allowing disbelief to set it. With a film like this, logic and reason must be checked at the door. M:I 3 is filled with explosions and stunts that must be seen to believed, especially a confrontation that takes place on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

    I’m not a huge fan of brainless blockbusters, but if you are going to see one, this is about as good as they come. The real question will be can the film overcome Tom Cruise’s recent…”eccentric” behavior. It would have been entertaining to see Ethan Hunt leap a couch, for instance, or get shot at by a villain with a water pistol. Oh well; perhaps in M:I 4?

    Jeremy Lynch

  • Mission Impossible 3 website Photos used by Permission from Paramount Films
  • Upcoming DVD's for May 9th

    This week has only one new release, but 3 releases filled with all sorts of goodies. Reviews for most of these titles will be available here on the Zone early next week.

    May 9
    (2005) (Universal) Dir: Steven Spielberg; Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciaran Hinds, Mathieu Kassovitz, Hanns Zischler, Ayelet Zurer, Geoffrey Rush. In single-disc and two-disc collector's editions.
    Extras: Single-disc: Introduction by Spielberg. Collector's Edition: Six featurettes: "Munich: The Mission, the Team," "Munich: Memories of the Event," "Munich: Portrait of an Era," "Munich: The 'On Set' Experience," "Munich: Editing, Sound and Music," "Munich: The International Cast."
    Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated film about the after-math of the 1972 Munich killing of Israeli athletes. I will hopefully be reviewing this in a few days. I say hopefully because my copy has not yet arrived. I will take a moment to say I thought it was good, but not as good as some of Spielberg’s previous films. Perhaps my expectations were too high. It does take a very good look at what certainly is morally ambiguous subject matter.

    Rescue Me: The Complete Second Season
    (Sony)Three-disc set with 13 episodes, $49.95.
    Extras: Blooper reel, featurettes: "The Second Season," "Filming in New York City."
    Dennis Leary’s excellent TV show. Who would have guessed that Leary would end up being a decent actor? For more info, read Jon’s love letter to this show by clicking at:Rescue Me Overview

    Ronin: Collector's Edition
    (Sony)Dir.: John Frankenheimer; Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, Stellan Skarsgard, Sean Bean, Skipp Sudduth, Michael Lonsdale, Jonathan Pryce. Two-disc set.
    Extras: Commentary by Frankenheimer; alternate ending; featurettes: "In the Cutting Room With (editor) Tony Gibbs," "Ronin: Filming in the Fast Lane," "Natascha McElhone: An Actor's Process," "The Driving of Ronin," "Composing the Ronin Score," "Through The Lens" with director of photography Robert Fraisse, "Venice Interviews" 1998 film festival interviews with Robert De Niro, Jean Reno and Natasha McElhone; animated photo gallery. A very under-rated thriller by one of the great directors. This film found John Frankenheimer back in outstanding form. Frankenheimer was supposed to direct the big screen adaption of Elmore Leonard’s Killshot before he died. Zoë Sharp’s review is in issue 12 of Crimespree and will be available on the Crimespree Magazine Reviews very soon.

    The Poseidon Adventure
    (1972) (Fox)Dir.: Ronald Neame; Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Stella Stevens, Shelley Winters, Jack Albertson, Pamela Sue Martin, Arthur O'Connell.
    Extras: Commentary by director Ronald Neame, Pamela Sue Martin, Stella Stevens and Carol Lynley; "Follow the Escape" interactive featurette; 10 featurettes; three storyboard comparisons; original 1972 featurette; original teasers and trailers; American Cinematographer interactive article; still galleries of marketing and publicity materials.
    Rereleased to coincide with the theatrical release of Poseidon, this is the original. If you are thinking of catching the new one, do yourself a favor and check this out as well. Ruth Jordan will be giving us a closer look at this package.

    The Towering Inferno
    (1974) $19.98(Fox) Dir.: John Guillermin, Irwin Allen; Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, Jennifer Jones, O.J. Simpson, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner.
    Extras: Commentary by film historian F.X. Feeney, special effects director Mike Venzina and stunt coordinator Branko Racki; nine featurettes; "AMC Backstory:
    The Towering Inferno"; 19 extended and deleted scenes.

    Talk about a loaded cast, some of the all time greats…and not so greats. Perhaps the most memorable of the 1970s disaster movies.

    Jeremy Lynch – Crimespree Entertainment Editor

    May 3, 2006


    Denis Leary did one of my all time favorite cop shows a few years back. The Job was funny,smart and sure seemed to be full of real people, not actors doing a role. I've watched the DVD set at least three times and will watch it even more. I love the rapid dialogue and banter and I love Leary in the role of a veteran cop on the job for more than a few years. It's smart television for smart people with a sense of humor.

    Rescue Me is his latest project and is aired on FX. Season one and two are both out on DVD. In Rescue Me Leary takes the team from The Job and moves them from the NYPD to the NYFD. Leary plays Tommy Gavin, a firefightere dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 which haunts him in the form of his cousin's ghost. He is also working his way through being seperated from his wife pending a divorce. His only real constant is his fellow firefighters.

    Given the fact that Leary has relatives who are firefighters and that he founded an organization to help fire departments buy needed equipment it's not surprising that his latest show is about firefighters.

    The show isn't Backdraft for TV, they aren't loading it with special effects or overly dramatic scenes. What they are doing is telling the story of a bunch of people who happen to be firemen as true to life as they can. The ending of each episode isn't always happy, and they don't shy away from things like talking about 9/11 or the stress of the job.It's not politically correct, but either is real life. The relationship between the men on the show and the woman isn't all sunshine and roses either, but it feels very real. After viewing this I came to understand that the title Rescue Me could very well be what the main character, Tommy Gavin (played by Leary) is asking. He seems to be looking foe something to pull him away from the memories of lost comrades and failed rescue victims.

    What makes it all work is the mixture of drama and comedy and a great cast. The cast work together brilliantly and Charles Durning was amazing as Leary's father on the show. Andrea Roth does a super job as Leary's soon to be ex wife. Also the actor playing his cousin the priest does a great job.I also think the casting of the firefighters was terrific. These actors really come across like people who have worked together for years.

    This could be one of my all time favorite shows, and is something that bears multiple viewings.

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