May 19, 2006

DVD Review - Hill Street Blues Season Two

Hill Street Blues Season Two
Fox Television

Season two is every bit as good as season one, in fact it’s better. The characters are fleshed out more, the actors are more in tune with their roles and the show has it’s own style well in place. The story lines in season two are terrific, police corruption, JD’s on going battle with booze, Renko dealing with Hill’s changing role as a black officer and of course Ferrilo and Joyce decide to go public with their relationship.

Season two also had some of the best writing on television, which was only enhanced by a Mr. Robert Crais a story editor in the beginning of the season. Also involved is Anthony Yerchovick who later went on to do Miami Vice. Season two is also loaded with people who went on to be famous for other roles, such as Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek Next Generation playing a drug dealer, Edward James Olmos as a young law student, and Danny Glover as an ex-con.

This series holds up very well, because while clothes styles may change and the monetary values may change, the situations don’t. This series has stories that could be happening today in any city.

Also included are some very nice featurettes including a closer look at some of the characters of Renko and Belcker and Captain Freedom.

This is a lot of entertainment for the buck, and Hill Street Blues is one of the most re-watchable shows to ever air.

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