May 21, 2006

DVD releases - May 23rd

Boston Legal Season One
Five-disc set with 17 episodes, $39.98.William Shatner, James Spader.
Extras: "The Court Is Now in Session: How Boston Legal Came to Be" featurette, "An Unlikely Pair: Alan Shore and Denny Crane" featurette. (Fox)
The Closer: The Complete First Season
$39.98 four-disc set Kyra Sedgwick.
Extras: deleted scenes. (Warner bros)
Deadwood: The Complete Second Season
$99.98. Extras: Nine commentaries, "The Real Deadwood: 1877" featurette, "Making of Season Two Finale" featurette, "Deadwood" daguerreotypes. (HBO Video).
Murder Inc.
(1960) Stuart Whitman, May Britt, Henry Morgan, Peter Falk, David J. Stewart, Simon Oakland, Sarah Vaughan, Morey Amsterdam. (Fox).
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
(1967) Jason Robards, George Segal, Ralph Meeker, Jean Hale, Clint Ritchie, Frank Silvera, Joseph Campanella. (Fox).
The Boondock Saints Unrated Special Edition
(1999) Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly. Added footage. Two-disc set
Extras: Commentary by writer-director Troy Duffy and Billy Connolly, deleted scenes, outtake reel. (Fox).
The Dirty Dozen Two-Disc Special Edition
(1967) Dir.: Robert Aldrich; Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson. Jim Brown, John Cassavetes, Richard Jaeckel, George Kennedy, Trini Lopez, Ralph Meeker, Robert Ryan, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland.
Extras: Introduction by Ernest Borgnine; commentary by E.M. Nathanson, David J. Schow and Capt. Dale Dye with Jim Brown, Trini Lopez, Kenneth Hyman, Stuart Cooper and Colin Maitland; vintage featurette "Operation Dirty Dozen"; bonus movie "The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission," the 1985 sequel with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Jaeckel reprising their original roles; two new documentaries: "Armed and Deadly: The Making of The Dirty Dozen" and "The Filthy Thirteen: Real Stories From Behind the Lines"; "Marine Corps Combat Leadership Skills": vintage recruitment documentary featuring Lee Marvin. (Warner).

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