May 25, 2006

Photo Fun!

St. Paul Minnasota
It's a city with very clean clothes

And there are authors on every corner with books!
Why look, it's William Kent Krueger!!!

St. Paul also has almost no crime. Look at the size of the Sherriff's Department detention center. I'll bet there's no more than two cells in it. LOW CRIME!!

Plus St. Paul has great clubs with free Booze. Jill Lynch shows us one of her favorite spots to go clubbing

And for no real reason, my sister Jennifer


Cornelia Read said...

"Wooden The Tub"? And I thought *I* sucked at titles!

Jennifer is looking gorgeous, as usual...

Anonymous said...

Based on this revealing photo expose, looks like it is safe to assume that your average Twin Cities resident (when not shoveling snow) is either doing their laundry, drinking free liquor, or hanging out by the bus stop (looking clean and spiffy, mind you) not doing their 500 words a day. Right? :)

Aw, Jen's so cute..

Anonymous said...

Watch out for pay backs Jon. I'm Sure Jen has some good ones of you.

anne frasier said...

first photo: i've never seen that place. wonder where it is. frogtown, maybe?

second photo: very near my house. drive by it almost daily.

third photo: looks very familiar, but can't place exact location. i'm sure i'll see it soon.

Anonymous said...

First and third are on 7th, not too far from downtown St.Paul

anne frasier said...

thanks, jeremy. i'll have to keep my eyes open next time i'm on 7th. can't believe i never noticed the wooden the tub!!! :O