May 5, 2006

DVD review - Mercenary For Justice

I remember Steven Seagal's first films, they had lots of action, great throw away lines and lots of fighting. I really loved Under Siege. As of late Seagal is not the box office draw he once was, however he still has plenty of films coming out on DVD.

His latest, from FOX, is Mercenary For Justice. All in all it's a pretty entertaining movie. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I'm giving you steak whne I hand you a hot dog. This is a hot dog. Notmuch thinking needed, but it's fast and fun. There's a wonderful fight scene in a bathroom of a restaurant that reminded me of the old days.
The movie opens with a CIA spook hiring mercenarys to do a job that needs plausible deniability, they do the job and get hung out to dry. Seagal gets pissed and proceeds to go after the people who did him wrong.
Part caper, part action this is an enteraining rental. It won't change your life, but just enjoy it for what it is, fun mindless entertainment.

reviewed by a very relaxed Jon Jordan

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