May 21, 2006

Reading is Fundimental

And it's even better when reading is just plain fun..... In a crime filled kind of a way.

Summer is officially here if measured by activity and not the weather which is kind of laughing at us here in the Midwest. We went to see POSEIDON on Friday night, and I followed that up with a reading jag. And now the packing begins for the Memorial Day Weekend. And so I thought I'd share a few favorite reads with everyone , something you can throw in the suitcase and escape to.

If you're on vacation you cannot do better than Lee Child's Jack Reacher. THE HARD WAY makes the reading easy. For fans of the P.I. novel Linda Barne's THE HEART OF THE WORLD gets to the epicenter of the Carlotta series, throw it in your carry-on and you'll be at your destination in the blink of an eye. Are you heading off th Disney World and wish it was Yosemite or Yellowstone? Bring along C.J. Box. IN PLAIN SIGHT will bring you back to nature. And if you've yet to read Ken Bruen well, he currently has three books on the shelves of your favorite bookstore. He writes as no one else and is well worth investigating. Friday night's reading was the outstanding PIECE OF MY HEART written by another shining light in the mystery community. Peter Robinson has skills others can only dream of and has written a series while playing with the police procedural format in such a way that you truly "never know what your gonna get". Unlike chocolates though, the center will always be marvelous. This book centers on a sixties rock band and the present day murder of someone just passing through town.

New "kids" ? First let me mention Cornelia Read. A FIELD OF DARKNESS is one of the best debuts in recent memory. A second favorite is without a doubt last year's ALL SHOOK UP by Mike Harrison. He's followed that up with this year's WILD THING. ALL SHOOK UP was nominated for the Ellis award and was a great introduction to P.I. Eddie Dancer. This year's WILD THING makes Harrison "one to watch". Dancer is called from Calgary to Merry Ol' England when an author is accused of being a serial killer. Full of twists and turns, the celebrity of crime, and a couple of unanswered questions it is fresh and well worth your time. I'd love to see the Dancer series emerge as a new standard for the mystery fan.

Don't have time for a whole book? Take along a short story collection. There are a lot to choose from. Amongst them are DUBLIN NOIR, BALTIMORE NOIR and D.C. NOIR from the Noir offices of Johnny Temple. Also good from beginning to end are HARD BOILED BROOKLYN from our own Reed Coleman and DEADLY HOUSEWIVES from Christine Matthews.
So enjoy your vacation and leave Patterson to the amateurs.

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