May 5, 2006

Bouchercon Madison

The new site is up and running.

  • Author list, hotels, and being updated on a regular basis.


    JD Rhoades said... the author list, both Richard Hawke AND Tim Cockey are listed as attending.

    Aren't they the same person?

    Will he/they be wearing two nametags? Or switching every few hours and pretending not to notice?

    Man, I cannot WAIT for this...

    Anonymous said...

    So very pleased to see things coming together with the new site for Bcon 2006. I actually never lost faith that the hardworking organizers wouldn't get it together. Sure, there are concerns and minor delays every year, but it always seems to work out just fine in the end.

    Now, I'm sitting patiently waiting for my name to appear on the attendee list; check was cashed months ago and registration sent in. I'm not listed there yet as attendee, but trust it will be soon. I look forward to the placement -- between Sean Chercover and Lee Child. Hey, cannot ask for much better company than that!