May 23, 2006

Crimespree Issue 12

Well, it's on it way. Issue 12 has been delivered to the mailing service and we are in high gear on number 13 featuring the wonderful Karen Slaughter. We are alos well into issue 14 with a great intreview with Greg Rucka coming.

We just got our first subscriber from Germany! We also now have subscribers in Sweden. Seven different countries now on the mailing list. I'ts been an officail two years with the mailing of 12 and it's flown right by. Looks like we could be here to stay!

Coming in issue twelve:
<>2 Editorials – from Ben Leroy and Ruth Jordan
News Bits
On The Road with Ali Karim, Ayo Onatade
Reality TV by Heather Webber
Perfection And How To Achieve It by Walter Satterthwait
Conversation with Kate Stine by SJ Rozan
Bookstore Spotlight: Black Orchid by Anthony Rainone
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance by Barry Eisler
Fiction: The Morning After by Douglas Shepherd
Cover Story: Val McDermid and interview by Ruth Jordan
Spencer-Fleming for Hire by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Robert Crais Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Going Undercover with Gayle Lynds by Rob Krese
Fiction:Bad Press by Charles Edward
Scott Wolven Interview by Bryon Quartermous
Grandpa’s Gun by Nick Stone
Ghost Of A Chance by Casey Daniels
One Writer’s Remedial Reading by Chris Grabenstein
R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Reed Farrel Coleman
What The %&@#? by Todd Robinson
Voices by Laura Bradford
Whipsaw by Steve Brewer
Fiction: Hidden Scars by Adrian Milnes
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
Crimes on .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
Book Reviews, DVD Reviews and Paperback and DVD Releases

So according to the mailing service they shouls arrive in about ten days. They do some times take just a bit longer because it's bulk mail and delivery varies from post office to post office.

Thanks for being patient about the delay. It looks like we are back on track and ready to go.

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