Dec 19, 2004

My weekend wrap up.

Lord of the Rings.... Ahhhhhhh. I feel better just having it in my house.

This summer I got a really good pasta salad at the deli, a BLT pasta salad. Being a former cook in a professional capacity I like to try my hand at foods I get out and make them my self. I have to say My BLT Pasta salad was better than the stuff at the deli.......

In other food news, this weekend Ruth made an incredible shredded beef. Best damn sandwiches I've had in quite a while.

  • The Wire
  • is done. Season Three's finale ran tonight. It was outstanding. I love this show. David Simon is a genius and he has gathered some wonderful people to work with him. The whole season has been a pleasure to watch. And last Sunday's episode was a true Urban Western (written by George Pelecanos). If you haven't seen it yet, catch the reruns! And season one is out on DVD.

    Stray thoughts:
    - I want to kick Sheryl Crow in the ass. I can't get "All I wanna do is Have Some Fun" out of my head. This sucks.

    - Why do they have braille buttons on the ATM drive through machines?

    - How many people watching television can actually afford to buy a jaguar for their loved one for Xmas? What a waste of advertising dollars.

    - And while I'm on ads, I'm boycotting McDonald's until they stop this pathetic attempt to be hip with the "I'm Loving It" campaign. And what's with the pinkie finger salute? Did I miss a meeting? Some one save me from morons just out of college with a degree in marketing.

    - Too many Christmas albums on the market? When I saw 38 Special had one out I was convinced that we have enough to choose from now. Just stop.

    - On the other hand,
  • The Blind Boys From Alabama
  • have one and it is incredible. Very bluesy and cool. I say GO BUY IT NOW!

    - My wife Ruth is the greatest person in the world to be around during the holidays. She bakes cookies, makes candy,and her enthusiasm is contagious. Every year we are married we decorate more and more, and I love every minute of it. I just love watching her around this time of year. She is constantly smiling, even after working all day.

    Ok, that's it for now. Be good to each other and don't start fires you don't plan to watch burn.


    Ray Banks said...

    Absolutely seconded on The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Jon. Their version of "Run On" is great stuff (so great, in fact, that I quoted from it as traditional gospel in the front of a book wot I wrote).

    Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

    We got to see them last summer at Summerfest. They came and sang with Peter Gabreil and then we saw them on a seperate stage on their own.