Dec 27, 2005

Here comes 2006

Can you here it? That rumbling noise is 2006 just waiting to poke out it's head.

2005 was pretty good with the exception of my Father's health. However 2006 looks like it will be great.

So New Year's Eve....
Ruth and I are long past the thrill of crowded bars and restraunts on this insane night so we are staying home and watching movies and eating homemade pizza.

We have a stack of new DVDs to view including a warped little show called PROFIT that just came out on disc.
So what are you doing to ring in the New Year?


Anonymous said...

Like you, the general inanity of most New Year's Eve celebrations leaves me absolutely cold. So, maybe I'll see a few friends (who I trust not to make asses out of themselves or me) at someone's house. Or maybe I'll just hunker down and watch movies and read books.

And I agree - 2005 was pretty good. Met some cool people, like you guys, in Chicago ;-) And looking foward to Aerosmith - twice! - in February. (Noticed that you saw them a couple of weeks ago. They are just It On a Stick, aren't they?)

Happy New Year!

Mystery Dawg said...

I love Jim Profitt. What a great character. Too bad this show was way ahead of its time, but good for us that we can relive it on DVD. Let me know what you think.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

We watched the last of it last night. I really want more. This is really a great set to own.

I want to hate the guy, but I keep rooting for him to do more.

Anonymous said...

I'm also not much of a New Year's Eve person. Usually just stay home, watch the ball drop on tv, read a book. Yeah I'm a wild and crazy woman ;-)