Nov 9, 2006

A Quick Five With Laura Lippman

What's your next book about and why should people buy it?

It's about how people disappear, in every meaning of the word, and people should buy it because that would make me less neurotic.

What's really made you laugh hard in the last month?

Mark Billingham's utterly sincere contention that he wants to try that Kentucky Fried Chicken dish, the one where they put everything in a bowl -- the chicken, the corn, mashed potatoes, topped with cheese and gravy. (To be fair to Mark, he might want to point out here that a woman who insisted on going to Culver's Custard for butter burgers and cheese curds shouldn't be amused by anyone's fast food leanings.)

What's better, getting up early or staying up late?

Late nights are best with great company, early mornings are meant for solitude.

Finish this sentence: I love being an author because.....

I'm the best boss I ever had.

What's the latest book you've read?

THE SONG IS YOU, by Megan Abbott. It's the cats. Or whatever the appropriate lingo would be, circa 1948. I thought I was an ace student when it came to Hollywood Babylon-type stories, but Megan leaves me in the dust. Leaves me in the dust, throws her Lucky in my face and grinds it out with a dainty twist of her stiletto.

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