Jan 21, 2007

Movie night at the Jordans

Last night we did our tradtional post mailing the magazine movie rental. Here's what we thought of what we saw.

Superman Returns
They spent a lot of money on this film, and I know that it was in preproduction a long time, going through many writers. It looks like most of the money went to special effect, and not a workable script. It was enjoyable enough, but I don't think I'll need to see it again. Some major gripes were:
*Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth - Bad casting, she's an ok actress but she is not Lois Lane.
*Lex Luthor as the Bad Guy - AGAIN! Good Lord, is there not a single original thought in the office where they dreamed this up? Superman has many foes, and a lot of them are really entertaining and would have been great. Enough Luthor already!!!
* Too much Superman still loves Lois....
I won't say more so I don't ruin it, but there were a few other little fanboy nitpicks. But all in all, they really should have done more with this return to what could be a great franchise. DId they all miss out on seeing Batman Begins??!!

Archangel (based on the book by Robert Haris)
A great political thriller with Daniel Craig playing a historian on a trip to Russia to talk on his area of expertise, Stalin. While htere he gets wind of an undiscovered diary and the hunt is on.
Great performances, great settings and a wonderful adaptation.
Go Rent this! There's a more detailed review on Crimespree Cinema

Thank You For Smoking
This was loads of fun, and a very entertaining look at tobacco indutry thinking.Aaron Eckart was great as the lead lobbiest for the cigarette cartels. It also says some cool things about the freedom of choice and relationships with fathers and sons.
Very good movie.

All The Kings Men
Based on a book by Robert Penn Warren, this is a not so hidden version of the rise of Huey Long. Directed by Steven Zallian, this was a wonderful movie and everyone in it was great. Sean Penn, James Gandolfino, Jude Law, Kate Winslow and many more. Ruth and I both loved it and watched all the specail features.

The Sentinel
Another Michael DOuglas thriller, this time taking along Keiffer Sutherland for the ride. Secret Service agents, a plot to kill the President. Nothing really new here. Based on the book by Gerald Petievich, who also wrote To Live and Die In LA, this was fast paced and very fun, despite being similar to a lot of other movies.

Last up was...

The Covenant

The producers of Underworld are on a roll and have put out another mindless but highly entertaining movie. Four guys at a private school are warlocks, they are banded together to fight a fifth warlock the same age who wants to destroy them.

Loads of fun ensues!

So, to wrap up:
Superman Returns - Wait for it to be on TV
Archangel and All The Kings Men and Thank You For Smoking - I'll be buying these

The Sentinel and The Covenant - worth renting


Graham Powell said...

Holy crap, ARCHANGEL was made into a movie? With Donald Craig?? I still haven't seen ENIGMA - that book was one of the best WWII thrillers I've ever read.

MysterLynch said...

If it makes you feel any better, one of the writers for Superman said the plan is to "Wrath of Kahn" the next one.

MysterLynch said...

One more thing:
There will be a new villan in the next one, a villan that is from the comics.