Mar 4, 2007


This weekend Ruth and I watched the forst two discs of the first season of Torchwood. It's a spin off of the new Dr. Who starring Captain Jack . It's a wonderful show and and I can't wait for the third disc of this season to come out.

The premise is kind of straight forward. Torchwood is a secret outfit that deals with alien threats, they don't answer to anyone, and they are more concerned with protecting mankind than figuring out mysteries. The characters are great, especially Captain Jack, who as it turns out, can't die.
Fans of X-Files, DR. Who, Supernatural and Millenium will love this.

The down side is that it's only availble in the UK right now, so youwould need a multi region player to watch in in the US. Trust me, it's an investment you'll never regret.

Series two will start filming in Cardiff this spring and shuld start airing on BBC Two this fall.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to Torchwood. Keep hoping they'll air it on BBC America soon. Dr. Who is aired about six months after the UK showing, so maybe they'll do the same for Torchwood. If not, I guess it will be time to invest in a multi-region player.

Maria Lima said...

Just wait until you get to the final two episodes. ::g::