Apr 29, 2007

Crimespree Cinema week in review for April 29th.

Hope everyone's spring is going well. I am in the process of figuring out what unusual plants to landscape with. I have this vision of folks looking at my yard and saying "What the hell is that?"

Gerald So tells us about the third season of NCIS.

New filming is being done for the latest (and likely last) cut of Blade Runner.

Jon is digging Criminal Minds.

Johnny Fever and the gang at WKRP come to DVD.

Zach Braff is not going to be Fletch after all.

Jon thinks you need The Aura.

Mr. Lee reviews what is one of the greatest shows not to make it: Kidnapped. Read the review, then buy the damn thing!

DVD releases for April 24th. This includes Kidnapped. Have you bought it yet??

Forest Whitaker makes The Last King of Scotland something special.

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Anonymous said...

I was really hoping that when the show made it t DVD they would restore the music they took out for syndication. But it doesn't look that way. Oh well, it's not a deal breaker for me. Just something that I'd like to have seen happen.