May 22, 2007

Pulps are back

I am a huge fan of pulp characters, The Shadow and Doc Savage are at the top of that list along with The Avenger. I originally was introduced to these characters in the 70's by DC Comics, later I saw some stuff on TV and then started picking up the paperbacks.

Pulps have influenced many writers and my reading habits as well. I think that's part of the reason I love the Repairman Jack series and Chesbro's character Mongo.

Well, I just read THE CHINATOWN DEATH CLOUD PERIL by Paul Malmont and it is totally a pul story, punctuated by the addition of pulp writers as charcters. Lester Dent and William Gibson are the main leads with appearances by L Ron Hubbard, Charles WIlliford, Chester Himes and others. And the plot rolls around the murder of HP Lovecraft.

A truly amazing book and hats off to Malmont on all the research he must have done.
A beautful blend of fiction and fantasy.

Out now in trade paperback.


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