Jul 23, 2007

Queen of the Mudbloods!!

Ah Harry our adventure is over. So the Jordan household traveled through the floo one last time this weekend. Jon and Richard once again going to the bookstore for the 12:00 release. My husband crawled into bed as the sun rose on Saturday morning, "How is it honey?" "Fucking great"
We had a birthday party, a wonderful family event where the kids watched the bigger kids build a fort, everyone collecting sticks and pinecones... the kind of real life magic you seldom find in books. But when we got home late on Saturday night Jon immersed himself into the adventures of Hermione, Ron and Harry and didn't stop until he'd read the epilogue. He woke me as his travels ended and I began my own. And that family party grounded our adventure.
I finished the book less than 24 hours ago and still I can taste the butterbeer (ymm) and the slimy toadstools (yuck).
Much has been made of who will live? who will die? I've now read reviews that run the gambit from "brilliant" to mundane. But what makes J.K. Rowling the Queen of the Mudbloods is that over a decade she created a world for her readers, children and adults alike, that will never die. A perfectly human woman born of muggles sat down one day and out of the blue began to create magic without the aide of platform 9&3/4 or Hogworts. She had no Mrs. Weasley to knit her sweaters when the going got tough, no Order to protect her as she became more and more in demand. And she finished the books with the same magic as she began.
There are life lessons within the Potter books, and many mini morality plays. You can if you want, compare Rowlings series to the great childrens' series of yore. You could break it down into syntaxt, prose style, character development. And if you do well your sorting hat has Slytherin all over it and your grown up job would be someplace in middle management at the Ministry of Magic.
Because to read Potter you must read the all and keep reading until you're finished. You have to believe in the magic to understand. And don't worry, if you have the power of imagination Rowling will bring the magic of a far away place and a very real boy to you.
So Jon and I say "Salute" to Ms. Rowlings, you are indeed the Queen of the Mudbloods.

Ruth Jordan


Chris said...

Hear, hear!

Karen Olson said...

Couldn't have said it better :)