Oct 5, 2007

So I'm watching TV...

It's that time of year when you regular folks with cable are enjoying a new season of what ever shows yo like. Not having cable I'm watching VD sets of last year's seasons.

I just binged through Boston Legal Season 3. Thumbs up, great show, wonderful season.

The Unit Season two. Another great show, i bit improved over season 1 with a great cliff hanger.

Numbers Season 3. I like this show, but compared to a lot of crime drama it seems a bit tame, in a good way. Kind of the Diagnosis Murder of our generation. Solid acting, though some of the stuff bugs me. FBI Agents, even hot women, don't wear tops that show their tummy.

My Name Is Earl season 2. Love this show a lot. Jason Lee is great and the rest of the cast is a hoot.

next up, Criminal Minds Season 2

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MysterLynch said...

I agree with what you said about Numb3rs, but I love the character development.

They have done an excellent cjob continuing to flesh out the characters, while not letting the the crimes become secondary.

For me, it is the characters that make the show.