Nov 7, 2007

Living the Noir Lifestyle

Not me.
No thanks.

Most noir characters get pretty fucked. Betrayal. Abuse problems. Violence. Lots of violence. No thanks.

Take me to the river. Drop in the water.

I don't don't want no noir lifestyle.

A cat I know just died. Dude was only a year older than me. We weren't great freinds or anything, but we saw each other around the neighborhood. Doctor told Mark a year ago to stop drinking. It was a real Scudder moment, stop drinking or you're going to die.
Mark started his mornings with Seagrams seven crown whiskey. maintained it with beer.

Dropped dead in a lawyers office. Anyurism, autopsy showed that all the organs were failing. Why was he at the lawyers office? To avoid using an inheritance to pay the ten years of back child support he owed.

What a dumbass. But wow, he sure was a noir dude. And now he's a dead noir dude.

I love watching noir. I love reading hardboiled. But I don't want to live it.

Send lawyers guns and money.

I wonder how the lawyer is going to bill Mark's family for having to wait for the body to get picked up. A billable hour is a billable hour.

Another guy I know, one year younger I think. Doctor won't let him eat almost anything any more. Why? Because he spent thirty years eating garbage like McDonalds and Burger King.
Moderation baby. That's the key word.
At least with thing you put into your body.

No such thing as too many friends. Or too many hours watching good movies, or too many good books.

This weekend we'll be hanging with a bunch of good friends and people we love.

I may even over do the caffine.

But no noir lifestyle for me.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Been there, done that. I'll be content to die in my sleep at the age of 120.

Anonymous said...

I've always been curious. Does the CEO of McDonalds eat out at McDonalds every day?

Anonymous said...
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